Thursday, March 20, 2008

[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles).Syllabus.FINAL SEMESTER-1A ]

Subjects which could not be covered in 3rd semester for want of time can be tought here in this semester if it is due to no fault of the students.
The final semester will be 80 percent practicals with a "Thesis"grouped of equal numbers of students in subjects of research to be made in chosen areas for each group by their GUIDES.( A proffer or Asst proffer).
The "Thesis" will be undertaken in the Technical Textile Mill attached to the college in various departments.
The mill production will not be affected by this group to the extent possible.
The Head of the Department here after referred will be " HOD".
who will be consulted in the area of work that will be conducted in his department and his idea if any discussed seriously by the group and guide and incorporated in the theses.( If it cannot be incorporated the HOD will be convinced with justification by the group and guide as to how it is not a viable proposition.)
The Theses shall have all features of cost reduction,increased production/productivity,up gradation of process,technology,machinery and improved quality parameters statistically significant.
The bottom line is the increase in profits to the mills,with no extra expenditure on foreign consultants.
The balance 20 percent will be utilized for discussions on the the thesis for completion of the various groups thesis preparation which must be original and eligible for copyrights if required by the Technical Textile College.
The best of the Thesis presented will be judged by competent persons chosen for a "GOLD MEDAL" awards by the university to all the students of that group.
Apart from academic hours spent in class rooms the students visiting the technical textile mills attached to the college on their own and spending a minimum of one hour will get "Reward Points" based on the mill visit and report file kept with them which will have to be submitted through out all the semesters to the appointed professor in each semester .The basis for "Reward Points" and carry forwarding till the final semester to be included in their final semester marks sheet will be fixed by the University.

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