Sunday, September 7, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - FINLEY MILL FIASCO ]

[A one page advertisement on laying of foundation stone of Finlay Mills]

[ Finley Mills burried in Mumbai awaits another at Achalpur.]

The foundation stone of Finlay Mills is over and it is anybody's guess as to when the mill will go on production with 48.000 spindles and 144 shuttle less Looms producing 60.000 meters of cloth per day.
The mill also has 4000 kgs of yarn dying capacity per day.
The mill has 48.000 spindles which can meet the weaving requirement partly.
The mill has to get yarn from outside to utilize the dying capacity fully.
This Finlay Fiasco has Rs.236 crores estimated to cost for 48.000 spindles and 144 shuttle less looms,which means the entire cost for the project works out to approximately Rs.5.5 lackhs per spindle,what are the items included in the mills for complete project including the infrastructure?.[ of course they can't advertise. ]

What sort of products can this mill produce ?.

What short of fabrics are in short supply to our country citizens ?.
Will this Finlay Mills produce fabrics cheaper than our private mills ?.
Are we getting suiting & shirting manufactured by Raymond's, Reid & Taylor, Bombay Dyeing, Century.Arvinds and others ?.
Will it produce the most popular fabric Jeens ?.
A total of Rs.1155 Crores awaits 22 mills for modernization !!.
Each mill gets Rs.52.50 crores and how will they use it ?.
If NTC is giving Rs.52.50 crores to each mill and if these mills are under joint venture,will the unfortunate or fortunate private party joining this joint venture also shell out the same amount in each mill ?.
The advertisement says it will generate 12.02 million direct jobs by 2012.
NTC has under its control 22 mills so each mill will have 0.54 million employees?
NTC has dispensed with 59.017 workers under MVRS by paying Rs.2,118 crores in about 80 textile mills which were nationalized to provide jobs.Can we say that not one of these mills could be made as a green field project ?.
The Textile Industry: Visionary leadership - How many leaders so far in the Ministry of Textiles ?
In NTC so far ?.
Why NTC didn't plan a Technical Textile Mill ?.


girdhar said...

Dear Sri SKG.
Like u I also belongs to NTC.
I have seen the rise and fall of its Mills.The basic question is---
Can Dead Man Breath ??
No. So how can NTC MIlls can be profitable?. Not at all.Firstly these Mills do not have the "MI BAAP".NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROFIT OR THE LOSS.The CEO has to make a file and explain the reasons.Which is very easy.
I very well remember that one of my boss used to write " per the best available wisdom we have decided to......" in the Manager's meeting minitues. So even if he or managers err no one is caught.
Also one boss was a step ahed...
he had said one day " can bribe your CMD or a DIRECTOR if 10 times benifits are brought to mills" So I have always seen that the Bottle neck is always at TOP.
Since my and ur job was very sensitive therefore have seen money flowing to the top.
So in such situations how Filay's
can servive the "Ants eating the jaggrey". Can u stop Ants ?
No Not at all.
You have raised questions about the planning of the Finlay.
I am keeping my Identity seacret.
Henceforth me would br known as PYARE.

girdhar said...

Yes they should plan a Technical textile Mill as they had run the
Hope u had been there?
What poor standered of that collage.
Same would be the fate of this Technical Mills.
Offcourse this mill can .

girdhar said...

In MSK, during my IInd time posting as SM from 1990 to 1993 I had bought 42 lacks
mtrs of grey cloth from out side and got processed and sold there.
Majority was high valued fafrics ment for Defence.
Thre was no problem of funds.
Why this was not thought by any body in NTC ??
Actually I was scolleded for keeping the Mill running.
This is NTC.
just last week I sent an E-mail to one of NTC Mills for the supply of grey Fabrics for Exports..NO RESPONSE.

girdhar said...

This Technical Textile Mills shouls be known as "IITT"