Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Govt in a hurry ]

Textile Institute in Karnataka is Engineering College with a Principal in Textiles.

The Government of Karnataka managed Technological Institute of Textiles,which celebrated it's Golden Jubilee with out any deviation in it's curricular activities of bringing out the best textile technocrat graduates,masters and Ph D's has now become a Engineering College offering courses in Computer science,Civil Engineering and other pure engineering courses.There is no permanent teaching faculty in newly started courses.
It has only 5 permanent textile teaching faculty.

This is a disgrace to the founder's of this Pure Textile College of Karnataka.The Institute which was a gift to the textile industry by the ruler's of erstwhile Government of Mysore needed upgrading to a Research Institute in Technical Textiles and a College with new machinery of every type in the manufacture of Textiles,Technical Textiles and Non Wovens.
The Institute stands with out any improvement in it's infrastructure.The century old textile machinery and the chemical laboratory has been cut off from electric power supply as the power bill is not paid.
The students cannot see the machines working let alone to have the knowledge of even knowing how to start the machine.
The existing class rooms will not accommodate new increased students in newly added courses.The Govt may build in the adjoining old soap factory but it will be a vertical structure with out the look of a college of international standards.and may take a few years.
As of now there is no open space for students for sports and social activities,except to walk around the adjoining vast open gardens of Cubbon Park.
Even the teaching faculty has been deprived of few good professors ,who are transfered to New Engineering colleges started in a hurry by the politicians in power who knew their day's in power being numbered.and the fate of the New Engineering Colleges are now governed by the Principals who are Textile teaching professionals.
A detailed review of this Institutes's functioning is now a urgent need of the hour.Is there a hope to see this Institute as a High Tech Research Institute and a Technical Textile College with a Technical Textile full fledged Mill.
We are aware of Crores of tax payer's money being given to few Textile Research Institutes's.
Why not few crores to this Heritage Institute.
Let some body in power take a look at this Majestic Institute.
We the old students of this institute hope for the best.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

[Research is our need in Technical Textiles]


Government of India is spending money in Billions of Rs.on upgrading Textile Mills and giving grants to Research Institutes for purposes other than Hi-Tech Research and to our misfortune there is no Technical Textiles Research University integrated with a working complete range of Technical Textile products and awarding a Degree in B.E(Tech Text) or Masters or a PhD in Technical Textiles.Dr.Ram Kumar a leading American Indian is roaming all over India and doing his research in Technical Textiles in USA and his research is now on production in USA but no one INDIA is interested in asking him to set up this infrastructure in India.THIS BLOG IS A PROJECT FOR SUCH AN ACTION