Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[ Technical Textiles - Will Knitting Replace Weaving.]

16 February 2010, Shanghai – ‘If you want to know your future, invent it!’

This is the upbeat message which leading Seamless machine manufacturer Santoni will convey via a brand new range of exciting garment developments in Seamlesswear at the forthcoming SpinExpo which is being held in Shanghai from 9-11 March 2010. Fibres, yarns, knitwear, knitted fabrics, creative textile machinery trend developments will all be on show.

“Focus on New Age Seamless Knitted outerwear: this is the challenge of Santoni, member of the world renowned Lonati Group of Italy, the world’s number one supplier of socks and hosiery knitting machines” the company says.

The Brescia based Lonati Group commenced its hosiery knitting machinery business in the 1940s, later acquired Santoni and turned it into a pioneer and champion in seamless knitting technology. Today, Santoni has customers in 72 countries and claims to have a 97% share of the global circular seamless business.

With the group’s strength and reputation, Research & Development is considered more essential than ever and that a forward looking textile machine building group should be very solid to sustain the continued and onerous necessity of R&D to remain in the avant-garde and lead the way worldwide in this particular field.

A few years ago Santoni took the strategic decision to take seamless wear into all areas of the clothing industry, instead of focussing solely on underwear. It was to now intensify its R&D efforts on outerwear with a focus on the following areas:

Knitwear - with an eye on the finest gauges where circular knitting offers unique advantages of productivity and quality.

Streetwear - from day to night.

Sportswear, swimwear and even intelligent textiles.

Baby and children’s wear.

The first results came in June 2008 when the company shocked the knitting world by launching a compact double needle bar raschel machine for seamless garments with piezo jacquard selection. Important factors were the ability of the warp knitting machines to produce non-run fabrics and also to produce garments with integrally knitted long sleeves at warp knit production rates.

The company’s Santoni Fashion Technology Department is now cooperating with a well-known Italian studio of stylists led by Giovanni Cavagna and the company will present a collection of garments which will illustrate the four main families of Santoni’s new machines at their booth at SpinExpo. Santoni Fashion Technology Department also manages an important school for training technicians both mechanically, electronically and in textile technology.

Knitwear. On show will be a range of knitwear made on the latest Santoni seamless circular machine models illustrating a complete range of ribs and mini-jacquards which the company explains are ideal for fine gauge knitwear of highest quality. Productivity and versatility will also be demonstrated and samples will be shown in natural and synthetic fibres in elastane and non elastane fabrics.

Outerwear in seamless warp knit, in mono-colours and prints. Santoni will also show a range of garments made from non-run fabrics which are naturally breathable and offer an important response to the new trend challenge of innovative clothing with an emphasis well-being.

Evening Lingerie in seamless circular, a range of new sensuous chic nightwear and high class lingerie, accessible, comfortable and easy-to-wear emphasizing the return of femininity in night and bed wear.

Circular garment length knitwear in open panel - cut and sew makeup; extremely high production; versatility in fabrics especially in the finer gauges.

Visit Santoni at Booth IG – 03

15th SpinExpo, Shanghai, Spring-Summer 2011, Pudong Expo Centre, 9-11 March 2010.