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We have heard persons who occupy these responsible respected seats of decision making representative of the people who are highly respected in the country deliver speeches on various platforms the urgent need to start manufacture technical technicals in India.

The need of this Industry for the for the present and future generation is not only manufacturing ( which few textile industries have already started ),but also a Pure Technical Textile mill,University and Research Institute as a Deemed University in our country.

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"A wealthy Indian philanthropist can spend,earn and

make our textile industry also earn in addition to helping

in educating this generation of youngsters


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[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles). Syllabus 1st SEMISTER.]

The university will have the status as "DEEMED UNIVERSITY"
The semester will start with the first batch of students,who will all attend the introductory function and get individual university course kit.(This will contain everything the student must know regarding the course syllabus,dress code,rules and regulations,various punishments for violations.Awards for merit etc.)

Few facts for a good start befour the syllabus is given.
In the year 1995 at a major International Exhibition,Technical Textiles was launched to reflect the growth of technical textiles and soon developed a simple taxonomy that has been used ever since to describe the scope of this new industry and marketing sector.
To start the first semester the number of students who are qualified with a degree in Textiles are only eligible.
The number of students will be 30 for beginning the activities of the college economically.
As all the students are qualified textile technologists,we can right away start with "Technical Textile" subjects.
The students should submit the syllabus they have studied in the university that they have completed their B Tech (Technical Textiles) and this will be scrutinized by the admitting university for M Tech (Technical Textile ).The syllabus must include such subjects which are Textile Costing,testing,fabric structure,corporate planning,business management,HRM,Statistical & Quality Control Systms,Textile Standards for InternationalQuality,Industrial Engineering, Calculation & Methods of stock in process,Humidification & Air Conditioning,Industrial & Labour Laws,Export Rules & Controls,First Aid Training,Fire Fighting,Scientific Management systems,Use of Stock Market & Shares,etc........If they are not in the syllabus,a entrance test covering the subjects,("The entrance test being mandatory") will be held befour admission.

The subjects are as under:
1] Agrotech.
2] Buildtech.
3] Clothtech.
4] Geotech.
5] Hometech.
6] Indutech.
7] Medtech.
8] Mobitech.
9] Oekotech.
With in each of the headings are literally hundreds of products and applications for textiles,some traditional,some replacing other well established materials and techniques,and some have been newly created by the properties and capabilities of textile materials and structures.All products regarded as technical textiles with extremely demanding specifications to which they are made are tested to international standards.
Just for example,the medical and hygiene textile markets ranges from high volume disposable products for baby's nappies,feminine hygiene and adult incontinence through to extremely specialized and high valve textile products for use in blood filtration,surgical sutures,prostheses and most recently,scaffolds for new tissue growth.
To cover the 12 areas in the listed subjects it has to be 3 subjects for each semester.



Applications for technical textiles in the Agrotech sector include all activities concerned with the growing and harvesting of crops and animals. The principal function of most agricultural textiles relates to the protection of either food produce, animals or land.
End-uses range from crop production (cereals, cotton, tobacco, etc), through forestry and horticulture (fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers), to animal and poultry rearing and fishing.

Ground Cover
Ground cover/ Weed Control Fabric is made from UV stabilized polypropylene yarns and is manufactured in two types, 100 gsm and 108 gsm. The polypropylene Ground Cover/ Weed Control fabric is available with green marker lines at 12 inches (30cm) intervals. The Ground cover/ Weed Control Fabric prevents weed growth and allows air circulation. The fabric protects the roots from the spread of fungus and bacteria. It is permeable to air and water and is resistant to mildew and rotting.
Ground Cover / Weed Control fabric is used in various applications such as landscaping, green houses, nurseries, shade structures, etc
Woven Ground Cover Benefits
* Good UV stability.
* Good puncture and abrasion resistance.
* Good light blocking.
* Good water transmission.
* Can be through planted.
* Raises ground temperature and maintains soil humidity.
* Can be covered with bark and chippings etc..
* Reduces need for chemical weed control.
* Plants do not have to compete with weeds for nutrients and water.
Woven from long lasting UV stabilized polypropylene tape yarn. It will block out sunlight and reduce photosynthesis preventing weed and unwanted plant growth.
Its specially profiled threads allow water to drain away quickly, reducing pounding. Many grades have colored lines woven into the textile to assist nurserymen neatly layout their stocks. To this end the material is tough enough to withstand reasonable pedestrian traffic in outdoor areas, polythene tunnels and greenhouses. Being a woven product it will be prone to fraying if cut or punctured, however in the UK you could expect the premium products to last for 5 – 8 years. It is often used by Allotment Societies to keep unused plots clear for future members. Woven ground cover is ideal for use under decking etc.

KNOWLEDGE IN AGROTECH SUPPORT EQUIPMENTS such as the following items shown.

The above pictures from few of the following.


Syllabus for BUILD TECH.
( Contexts often referred in Technical Textiles )

Technical textiles in various contexts are often referred to as performance textiles or functional textiles or engineered textiles or high-tech textiles.

Technical Textile fiber: Almost 90 % of the fibers(link to textile fabric) utilized to make technical textiles belong to the category of conventional fibers and the fibers specially developed to specifically use in technical textiles are not only expensive but often have limited applications.

Technical Textile products: Within the composites industry, woven, knitted braided, non woven(link) and wound reinforcements produced from glass, carbon fiber and organic polymer materials like aramids are presently accepted as technical textile products.

Syllabus for Clothtech.


[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles). Syllabus 2nd SEMISTER.]

Syllabus in Geo tech include:
1] Geo technical engineering,piling,foundations & soil investigation.
2] Airborne electromagnetic,magnetic and gravity surveys.
3] Seismologic - acoustic arrays for volcano monitoring.
4] Environmental sampling,analytical filtration and remediation equipment.
5] Geo tech instruments.
Woven and Non woven textile materials used by the civil engineering industry to provide support, stability, separation and drainage at or below ground level. The application areas include earth and road construction, dam engineering, dump construction, soil sealing and in drainage systems. Strength, extension, durability are the characteristic requirement for Geo tech.The study of various types of non wovens is essential for use and application.
Practicals will be the major hour in this syllabus.
The syllabus will contain the subjects supported by a TEXT BOOK.
1] Architectural Conservation.
2] Energy assessment.
3] Eco cleaning products.
4] Garden Design.
5] Garden Irrigation.
6] Flooring.
7] Horticulture.
8] Pest Control.
9] Weed Control.
10] Air Conditioning.
11] Land Scaping.
12] Fire alarms.
The subject is very deep and a look in to the various aspects a picture is given below.



The third largest application area in both volume and value terms is Indutech. It includes textile materials for non-apparel and non-decorative uses like filters, pipes, sound absorption material, wipes, conveyor belts etc. This category of technical textiles has a market share of over 15% globally.

Furthur it also includes:
1] Banners & Signs.
2] Traps,Covers,Slides Curtains.
3] Acrylic Awning Fabric.
4] PVC,Awnings,Umbrellas,Tents & Marquees.
5] Tent Marquee Fittings & Accessories.
6] Tension Structure fabrics.
7] Geo membranes,Polyurethane Specialties.
8] Non Woven Fabric Industries.
9] Textile & Garments.
10]Filter Cloth,Filter Bags.
11]Non Woven Felt ...etc,etc.
There are over 10,000 other products.

[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles). Syllabus3rd SEMISTER.]

class="MsoNormal" style="margin-left: 0.2in;"> style="">Syllabus for Meditech

The syllabus in this can only be formulated by books published by international publishers on the subject. All the books are available to buy from:

The growth in the domestic health care sector is expected to be more than 17 per cent a year in view of the rising per capita spending on health care products, greater exposure to international products in this area, importance and awareness of health care insurance and medical tourism.

The health care industry is fragmented into corporate and small hospitals and nursing homes. The note says, “health care industry generates $17 billion of business a year in India”.

The textile industry largely depends on this sector to speed up growth.

The share of meditech, a part of the healthcare sector in the Indian technical textiles market, is around 5 per cent.

A wide range of medical textile products and healthcare and hygiene products – including sanitary napkins (35 per cent market share), surgical dressings (30 per cent), sutures (20 per cent) and diapers and orthopaedic implants – contributes considerably to the meditech market in India.Including disposable textile Disposable Protective Clothing for Use in Medicine and Medical Labs Our medical scrubs and other protective clothing provide a safety barrier by helping to impede the spread of viruses and infections to medical personnel and patients. Choosing Your Protective Clothing: Spun-bonded polypropylene, SMS, and Tyvek produce quality medical garments intended for limited wear. These medical garments offer the comfort of a breathable fabric and protection against germs and other impurities. Our lab coats and covers are excellent for both light outpatient surgery procedures and the intense demands in the labs. If you need extra protection against wetness, chemical dust, or solid airborne dust, we recommend PP/PE, CPE, SMS, Micromax, and Tyvek products. You will retain the advantages of wearing breathable disposable garments at very reasonable prices. Coveralls Our non-woven coveralls are made of spun bonded polypropylene (PP), PP coated with PE, CPE, SMS, Micromax, and Tyvek. These products are disposable, lightweight, low-cost, and breathable, and also work very well as protection for professionals in labs and hospitals. Available in most colors and weights. Lab Coat Choose PP, enjoy the comfort of 3-ply SMS materials, or select the maximum protection of Tyvek. Lab coats offer secure protection against cross-contamination. Available in most colors and weights. Isolation and Lab Gowns Choose from the following selection: PP, PP/PE, SMS, SMS with PE, or Tyvek. These garments offer excellent barrier properties, are highly fluid repellent, and lightweight. The lab gown has knitted cuffs. Available in most colors and weights. Shoe Covers Our variety of shoe covers includes PP, PE/PP, CPE, SMS, SMS with PE, and Tyvek. Shoe covers are made from fluid repellent material and have increased tear strength. Shoe covers are available with regular and non-skid soles. Elastic around the perimeter makes one size fit most shoes. Available in white or blue.used in Medical and other uses.

The other avenue where the importance of technical textiles is growing is in the field of cardiology, where, according to government estimates, 35,000 open heart surgeries are done every year, thereby increasing the need in volumes for filters in operations. Till date, about 60 per cent of the need is met by imports.

The course basically stresses on how to meet the rising demand of the medical sector, where technical textiles are used to the maximum. We should also search other avenues to reduce dependence on imports”.


1]Each student will be responsible for presenting an article to the class.

2]This article should be in some way relevant to the class, and should be turned in, along with a short paragraph summary, and a one sentence summary that will be posted on the web.

3] Also, please include a web link to the article if relevant.

4] The presentation should be a brief verbal summary (a minute or two) of the article.

5] Each article can only be turned in once, so there are advantages to presenting early in the semester.

6] Please be sure to sign up when the sign up sheet is circulated.

Assignments and Grading:

1]There will be occasional reading assignments that you will be expected to complete.

2]There will be periodic short quizzes (every one to four sessions) given in class to test your understanding of lectures and readings.
3] The lowest three quiz grades will be dropped.
4] I will also post homework assignments approximately weekly, although (with the exception of one or two group assignments) these will not be collected or graded.

1]There will also be a formal group case presentation towards the end of the semester.

2]Within the first few weeks of classes, we will form groups to be used for the occasional group homework assignments as well as for the final case presentation.

Your final grade will be based on:
Midterm - 30%,Final - 30%,Quizzes - 25%,Articles - 5%,Case Presentation - 10%,

Computer Programs and the Lab:
We will use several computer programs in the course, either during class or as a part of homework assignments.
These programs will all available in the Computer Lab in Hall.
Please see Officer in the main office to arrange to get a Cardkey if you do not already have one. The fee depends on whether or not you already have a key card
the Officer can give you the details. You are required to have a PC account in order to use the PC's, and some of the software we use will only be available in the lab.

Course Outline:
For the most part, we will follow the text book, with additional material added as we go along.
This is a very tentative syllabus, which will be updated as we progress.
We will keep an updated syllabus on the course web page.

Syllabus for Mobitech
University can select from the following:
1]The automotive industry is not only one of the largest single markets of technical textiles but also one of the most diverse.Applications range from tyre card,hose & drive belt reinforcements to thermal and sound insulation,safty belts and air bags,filters,cable harnesses and textile reinforced composities for body and suspension parts,even the internal furnishings of a car - head lines seatings,carpets,parcel shelf and trunk liners - are all regarded as technical textiles becouse of the extreemly demanding specifications to which they are made and tested.
2] The present day Aero industry.
3] The ever loved water float builders and equipments.
4] The owners pride and neighbourers envy needs of "NASA".
5] The eco- friendly bicycle industry.
6] The needs of communication industry.
The list is endless as of now.
The syllabus needs are to be upgraded befour the college starts.
Syllabus for Oekotech.
The subject includes the following topics:
1] Soil seals.
2] Textile Drainage systems.
3] Erosion Prevention systems.
4] Textiles for Protection against hazardous substances.
5] Mobile containers.
6] Textile Noise barrier systems.
7] Filter systems ( air /water ).
8] Landfill textiles.
9] Waste disposal.
10] Recycling.
11] Environment.

Oekotech stands for new ideas with interesting concepts of environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling. In view of the increased interest worldwide in environmental and ecological issues, it is not surprising that Oekotech shows by far the fastest growth rates of around 7%. The main criteria for textiles to fall under this category are;

* Eco friendly textiles
* Disposable and biodegradable fabrics.
* We may perhaps include recyclables worn out textile fabrics techniques.
Articals,Tests,Presentation and Examination questions ,may include any of the subjects mentioned from 1 to 11.

[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles).Syllabus(Extended) 3rd SEMISTER.]

Extended syllabus for 3rd Semester:
Students will have to study the subjects given in this extended semester but answers for Meditech,Mobitech & Oekotech will be optional for both subjects in the questions given in the final examination carrying equal marks.

Subjects for study:
Subjects to be studied with reference to the Text Books prescribed:
(a)Packing Materials in every industry.(b)Protective Cover systems for all needs.(c)Sacks + Big Bags.(d)Mobile Containers[temp storage].(e)Flexible + Rigid container systems.(f)Hook and Loop fasterners.(g)Conductivity tapes.
(a) Protective clothing.(b)Heat Protection Clothing.(c)Weather proof + winter proof clothing.(d)Chemical protection equipment.(e)Cold store clothing,low temperature clothing.(f)Equipment rescue services.(g)Fire protection equipment.(h)Survival equipment.(i)Object protection(j)Person protection equipment.(k)Textile reinforcement armoring.(l)Equipment(Security services /military).(m)Fire Blocker.(n)Ballistic.(o)Insulation.(p)Noise protection.(q)Reflective materials.(r)Protection walls.(s)Dust protection.(t)Radiation protection.(u)Accident protection.(v)Vandalism.(w)Water protection.(x)Sun protection.
(a) Ropes.(b)Cleaning textiles.(c)Laundry textiles.(d)Advertising textiles.(e)Specialty textiles.(f)Home textiles.(g)House textiles.(h)Clothing textiles.(i)Textile finishing.(j)Yarn.(k)Twisted yarn.(l)Nettings.(m)Knitted fabrics.(n)Broad fabrics.(o)Narrow fabrics.(p)Coated fabrics.(q)Hoses.(r)Hosiery.(s)Scrims.(t)Nets.(u)Laces.(v)Embroideries.(w)Non Wovens.(x)Felts.(y)Hook & Loop fasteners.(z)Mushroom & Velours fastening systems.
(ZA)Online production Quality Control Instruments for each & every processing machines used in making Standard production of Technical Textiles.
The University will upgrade the syllabus by periodically by monitoring the progress in Technical Textiles Research as new developments are pouring in daily from varios research organiations all over the Globe.

[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles).Syllabus.FINAL SEMESTER-1A ]

Subjects which could not be covered in 3rd semester for want of time can be tought here in this semester if it is due to no fault of the students.
The final semester will be 80 percent practicals with a "Thesis"grouped of equal numbers of students in subjects of research to be made in chosen areas for each group by their GUIDES.( A proffer or Asst proffer).
The "Thesis" will be undertaken in the Technical Textile Mill attached to the college in various departments.
The mill production will not be affected by this group to the extent possible.
The Head of the Department here after referred will be " HOD".
who will be consulted in the area of work that will be conducted in his department and his idea if any discussed seriously by the group and guide and incorporated in the theses.( If it cannot be incorporated the HOD will be convinced with justification by the group and guide as to how it is not a viable proposition.)
The Theses shall have all features of cost reduction,increased production/productivity,up gradation of process,technology,machinery and improved quality parameters statistically significant.
The bottom line is the increase in profits to the mills,with no extra expenditure on foreign consultants.
The balance 20 percent will be utilized for discussions on the the thesis for completion of the various groups thesis preparation which must be original and eligible for copyrights if required by the Technical Textile College.
The best of the Thesis presented will be judged by competent persons chosen for a "GOLD MEDAL" awards by the university to all the students of that group.
Apart from academic hours spent in class rooms the students visiting the technical textile mills attached to the college on their own and spending a minimum of one hour will get "Reward Points" based on the mill visit and report file kept with them which will have to be submitted through out all the semesters to the appointed professor in each semester .The basis for "Reward Points" and carry forwarding till the final semester to be included in their final semester marks sheet will be fixed by the University.

[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles).Syllabus.FINAL SEMESTER - I ]

Any university websites that I searched had no full and complete detailed syllabus in this course.
A beginning has to be made by some textile technocrat which may perhaps undergo minor or major changes suggested here for the four semester course in M Tech.(Technical Textiles).
The infrastructure required for the final semester:
1}Each student must have similar laptop of a most reputed manufacturer.
2}The maximum number of students shall not exceed sixty.
3}All students shall have internet connectivity to their laptops.
4}Nothing other than the course content will be stored in the laptops.
5}The laptops and all books and files will be in fixed class rooms locked.
6}Every student shall have his own table kept locked.
7}There will be security guard to this room who will lock and open as needed.
8}Any student known to the security guard can open the class room.
9}The security guard will check that the student works only on his table.
This class room will be a 24 X 7 type working system.(This is the infradtucture)
The Technical Textile mill must have a pilot plant for innovative research which may not be possible in the main mills due to various reasons.
A video Conferencing facility would help students and the faculty.
Dress code essential.

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The name S K S J T I the abbreviation meaning "Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technological Institute",Bangalore city, was ringing loud bells in textile circles next only to VJTI Bombay,most popularly known as "Victoria Silver Jubilee Technological Institute",the premier textile institute offering diploma in Textile Manufacture ( L T M )a title more more revered than a PhD in textiles during the British Rule in India.
The institute does not offer a degree course in" Technical Textiles" as indicated in their website.
The Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technological Institute, Bangalore, was founded to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the eventful reign of (Late) His Highness Sri Krishnarajendra Wadiyar Bahadur Maharaja of Mysore in the year 1938-39.Only post metric diploma in Textile Technology was started and later it was upgraded to degree in Textiles,retaining the diplpma course.
The post Graduate course was commenced in 1970. The Institution functions under the Department of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka and affiliated to Visveswaraya Technological University.
The main building consists of ground floor, first floor and second floor over which stands an imposing clock tower. Administrative office, testing laboratory and seminar hall is located in first floor. The class rooms are located in second floor.
Laboratories : The laboratories are – Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Testing, Dyeing, Printing, Garment Manufacture and Silk Technology.
A separate workshop building is having spinning and weaving laboratory and an I.T Centre with computers established by Nodal Centre for Upgradation of Textile Education, Government of India.
Library : Government S.K.S.J.T.Institute has an excellent library pertaining to Textile Technology. It has got a collection of more than 10000 books. National and International Journals have been subscribed for the benefit of Students.
Hostel : An hostel is attached to the Institute having 33 rooms with Mess facilities. Girl students are accommodated in adjacent Govt. Womens Polytechnic hostel.
The Institute offers four years B.Tech Degree Course and two years M.Tech course.
Degree Programme;
1. B.Tech (Textile Technology)
2. B.Tech (Silk Technology)
3. B.Tech (Textile Technology), Lateral Entry, Evening College,
Post Graduate Programme;
1. M.Tech (Textile Technology)
Admission to B.Tech Degree course in Textile and Silk Technology is through CET conducted by State Government.
For M.Tech admission is through GATE or Entrance Test conducted by Visveswaraya Technological University, Belgaum
Our Institute provides assistance and guidance to our students in getting jobs and to meet the demands of the competitive world of work and Industry. Results from the beginning are very good with majority of the students getting First Class with Distinction. The Industries visit the Institute and the campus selection. Placement immediately after the announcement of the results is assured.
Extra Curricular Activities : The students are encouraged to participate in inter and intra college sports and other activities.

Alumni Association : Institute has an alumni association and also is the center for conducting activities of the Textile Association (India), Karnataka Unit. The Alumni of the Institute has spread all over India in Industry, Research Organisations, Government Service and other related fields. Also alumni of the Institute have spread to nearly all countries.

Highly qualified, experienced, motivated and dedicated teaching faculty and supporting staff.
Best Infrastructure in terms of laboratories, library, computer center, other facilities and services that support quality education.
Effective Industry – Institute interaction
Placement services.
The outflow of our students for further higher studies abroad is ever increasing. They have made and mark in the minds and hearts of various Institutions. They have joined because of their technical ability, versatility, morality and adoptability.

“The information has been provided by the concerned institution and onus of authenticity lies with the institution and not on AICTE”.

K.R.Circle, BANGALORE-560 001.
Ph: (080) 22260126, Fax: (080) 22260126
Director of Technical Education,
Palace Road, BANGALORE – 560 001.
Ph: (080) 22256777.

Visveswaraya Technological University, BELGAUM,Karnataka.

Members of the Board and their brief background
Govt.Institute, Director is the Controlling authority.
Members of Academic Advisory Body BOS body for
Various VTU Level, Regulates Academic matters.

Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body Periodically DTE and LIC of VTU conducts inspection.

Organizational chart and processes:

Organizational Chart

Director (Technical Education)
Laboratory Staff
Textile Superintendent
Case Workers,Est.
Asst. Instructors,

Process Chart

1) Academic coordinator
Academic matters pertaining to Institute and University

2) Examination coordinator
Examination matters pertaining to Institute and VTU

3) Office-work
Registrar (Office Head) supervises all office work

4) Placement & Training Office
Arranges Campus Interviews and training facilities

5) Students Welfare Officer
Acts as Counselor to students.

Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements.

Faculty and Students have involved in academic affairs/improvement by
Arranging Seminars/Guest Lectures/Workshops etc.
Attending to Technical Seminars/work shops/Short term & long-term courses etc.
The way of counseling the students periodically
Teachers involving as BOS, BOE, LIC & other professional body Members.
Attending industrial training.
Attending Field Visit
Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance Is achieved by
Continuous counseling of students.

Feedback by students, parents & Alumni
Distribution of works through various coordinators & Committees
Students Feedback on Institutional Governance faculty performance is attended by:
Regular student feedbacks,

Faculty performance through Annual confidential reports,

Alumni feedbacks & meets are arranged for improving performance,

Grievance redressals mechanism for faculty, staff and students,

Mechanism as follows are in force,
Grievances redressals are carried as & when required by Principal,Staff and DTE.


Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE
1]B.Tech (Textiles)
2]B.Tech(Silk Technology)
3]B.Tech(Textiles)(Evening) lateral entry.

Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE Applied
For each Programme the following details are to be given:
1]B.Tech (Textile),No of Seats =30.Duration = 4 Years
2]B.Tech (Silk Tech),No of Seats =20.Duration = 4 years
3]B.Tech(Textile)(Evening),No.of Seats =20 = Duration = 3 years.
4]M.Tech (Textiles),No.of seats = 18.Duration = 2 years.

Cut off mark/rank for admission during the last three years: 35%(PCM) for B.Tech 40% for M.Tech.Fee Rs.16,270/-

Placement Facilities: Through placement cell (75% placement)

Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and average salary: Min, Rs.5,000/-pm, Max Rs.20,000/-pm Average Rs.12,000/-pm

Name and duration of programme(s) having affiliation/collaboration with Foreign University(s) Institutions(s) and being run in the same Campus along with status of their AICTE approval. If there is foreign collaboration, give the following details:

Details of the Foreign Institution/University : - NIL ?

Name of the University/Institutions:

Not Applicable -





Is the Institution/University/Accredited in its Home Country


Ranking of the Institution/University in the Home Country


Whether the degree offered is equivalent to an Indian Degree? If yes, the name of the agency which has approved equivalence. If no, implications for students in terms of pursuit of higher studies in India and aboard and job both within and outside the country,.?


Nature of Collaboration


Conditions of Collaboration


Complete details of payment a student as to make to get the full benefit of collaboration.


For each Collaborative/affiliated Programme give the following :

Programme Focus:


Number of seats:


Admission Procedure




Placement Facility


Placement Records for last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and average salary.


Whether the Collaborative Programme is approved by AICTE? If not whether the Domestic/Foreign Institution has applied to AICTE for approval as required under notification no.37-3/Legal/2005 dated 16th May 2005,?


Branch wise list faculty members:

Permanent Faculty

List enclosed

Visiting Faculty


Adjunct Faculty


Guest Faculty:- (Part-time)


Permanent Faculty: Student Ratio Textile:- 9:30

Number of faculty employed and left during the last three years - Nil –


For each Faculty a separate page covering of the profile is enclosed.

Details of fee as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution Rs.16,270/-(Govt Institute)
Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme Yearly During Admission.
No of Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students SC/ST candidates are exempted from payment of tution fees.
Number of scholarship offered by the institute, duration and amount For the year 2004-2005.
Sl. No.[1] Name of the scholarship-SC/ST,No of Students = 10,Ammount = Rs.35690/=

Sl.No[2]Name of the Scholarship-BC,No of Students = 5,Ammount =15.100/=

Sl.No[3]Name of the Scholarship- Defence Scholarship=4,No of Students = 4,Ammount =22.300/=

Sl.No[4]Name of the scholarship-GATE Scholarship-No of Students=1,Ammount=1,42580.

Criteria for fee waivers/scholarship: Income, Social Background (SC/ST etc).

Estimated cost of Boarding and Lodging in Hostels,

Boarding:- Rs.900/- monthly, Lodging: Rs.6000/-yearly.


Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval

Total intake sanctioned : B.Tech + M. Tech = 88

Number of students admitted under various categories each year in the last Three years :-

8 Students.
11 Students.
8 Students.
2 Students.
8 Students
11 Students
8 Students.
SC-2 Students,ST-2Students.
BC. - 3 Students.
Defense - 3 Students.
GATE - 1 Student.
Year - 2004 - 2005.
SC - 3 Students.
ST - 3 Students.
BC - 1 Student.
DEFENSE - 4 Students.
GATE - 1 - Student.

II A - 6 - 18 - 7 - 5.

II B - 6 - 3 - 1 - 6.

III A -11- 6 - 5 - 7.

III B - 8 - 6 - 4 - 8.

General Merit.
Students - 47.
Students - 26.
Year - 2004-2005.
Students - 29.

Number of applications received during last two years for admission under Management Quota and number admitted:

Not Applicable


Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its URL (website)

Through Govt. of Karnataka, CET Cell.

For PG, University conducts CET.

Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates separately

Seats will be allotted by CET Cell only.

Calendar for admission against management/vacant seats:



Desirable each criteria with its respective weight ages i.e. Admission Test,

Marks in qualifying examination etc.

Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any. :

As per to eligibility criteria.

Mention the cut-of levels of percentage & percentile scores of the candidates in the admission test for the last three years.

35% in PCM or equivalent for B.Tech, 40% for M.Tech.

Display marks scored in Test etc. and in aggregate for all candidates who were admitted.

Item No I-XI must be given in information brochure and must be hosted as fixed content in the website of the Institution.

The Website must be dynamically updated with regard to XII - XV.

XII. Application Form

Downloadable application form, with online submission possibilities.



List of candidates whose applications have been received along with percentile/percentage score for each of the qualifying examination in separate categories for open seats. List of candidates who have applied along with percentage and percentile score for Management quota seats.

For open seats selection was through CET as per CET ranking.

1)List of Candidates through CET with percentage enclosed






ØNumber of Library books/Titles/Journals available (programmed-wise)

Pro gramme (course):Textile Technology.
No.of Volumes:-10,050,No.of Titles:-2000,Journals:-National:-12.
Inter National *:- 3

Textile Technology Online,

ØList of online National/International Journals subscribed: - NIL -

ØE-Library facilities: - NIL –


For each Laboratory

List of Major Equipment/Facilities - List Enclosed Laboratory – wise

List of Experimental Setup - Facilities available as per VTU syllabus


Number and Configuration of Systems:15 (P-4)

Total number of systems connected to LAN : 15 Systems

Total number of systems connected to WAN :- NIL –

Internet bandwidth : Under progress (Internet facility,for faculty available)

Major software packages available:


ØWonder weave

ØGarments related Software

ØWindows – XP

Special purpose facilities available:

ØSeminar room & conference room.


List of facilities available.

The following are the list of facilities available

1)Seminar room provided by PC system for displaying the CDs in relevant subjects/practicals.

2)Project works & seminar copies are maintained in the Library for students & staff reference.

3)Students & staff are sponsored to industries/research organization/ mill visits for the purpose of seminars, projects, practicals, tutorials etc.

4)Lab. Facilities are available in textile department even after the college working hours for students projects, extra course works etc.

5)OHP, slides projector, LCD Projector are utilized for demonstration & presentation of teaching materials & students presentations.

GAMES and SPORTS Facilities:

Indoor games :- Chess, Table – Tennis, Carom.

Outdoor games :- Cricket, Volley ball, Basket ball, Athletics (Central college playground)

Extra Curriculum Activities

-The following are the extra curricular activities carried out for this academic


1)Training programmes & seminar are conducted through Placement & Training Cell

2)College students participated in state level competition

Number of Classrooms and size of each:

1) Number-Size - 7 No.

2) Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each - 1 No.

Number of laboratories and size of each: - 6 Labs. Of an average size of 426 are there

Number of drawing halls and size of each:- 1 No. 120

Number of Computer Centers with capacity of each:- 1 No.Capacity : 30

Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each:

7 Class Rooms with an average capacity of 35 students are provided for the examination purpose.

Technical Learning process:

-The teachers regularly as per to the requirement use OHP transparencies & LCD projector for regular class works, tutorials etc., They maintain theory & practical course work files. Which contain the students attendance records, I.A. records, model question papers, lesion plans, execution reports, students counciling reports.practicable preparation, time-tables etc. to teach the students. Faculty do prepare the process charts, the machinery work principals etc. to display to the students. The students are taken to machinery exhibitions, electronic exhibition, to the mills/industries for education purpose. The faculty guides the students for their industries training programme during vacation & the faculty supervise the students on training. For the practical setups not available at the institute students are taken to mills/industries/other institutions/research organizations etc., Regular counseling of 10 to 20 students per one faculty is done.

Curricula and Syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the University.

- Syllabus copies for all the programmes as prescribed by the VTU are

Academic Calendar of the University

-The Academic Calendar of VTU and the college are enclosed.

Academic Time Table

- Enclosed

Teaching Load of each Faculty

Teaching Load of each Faculty provided in the time-table

Internal Continuous Evaluation System

Theory : 3 tests (Average of best 2 will be taken)

Practical : Test Record Book

Students assessment of Faculty, system in place,Students feedback and counseling of students is carried out.

For each Post Graduate Programme give the following :

i.Title of the programme : M.Tech. (Textile Technology)

ii.Curricula and Syllabi : Prescribed by VTU

iii.Faculty Profile : (enclosed)

Sl.No.Name,Designation,Subject Teaching:-

1]Dr.S.S.Ramtal,Professor,Spinning, Yarn Engg.Adv. Textile Testing, Sericulture & Silk Industry
2]Sri.D.Sheshachala,Asst.Professor,Weaving, WCC, Knitting
3]Sri.A.V.Shivaprakash,Asst.Professor,Weaving, WCC, Industrial Textiles
4]Dr.S.Sugumar,Asst.Professor,Textile Chemistry, Indian Constitution, Management subjects.
5]Sri. K Srinath,Senior Lecturer,Spinning, Yarn Engg. Testing
6]Dr.T.Ananthakrishnan,Senior Lecturer,Fabric Engg., CAD-CAM, Textile physics, Polymer Science, Testing.
7]Sri.Hanumanth Nayak,Lecturer,Textile testing, Textile Chemistry
8]Sri.H.R.Arunkumar,Lecturer,Garment Technology, CAD-CAM, MMF

Brief profile of each faculty :Enclosed

ØLaboratory facilities exclusive to the PG programme: Facilities are provided in UG Labs. Only

Special Purpose :

Software, all design tools in case: Tanya, Wonder weave

Academic Calendar and frame work : Enclosed (VTU)

Research focus:

List of typical research projects --

Industry Linkage: Students are placed in industry for,Inplant Training

Publications (if any)out of research in last three years out of masters projects:-

Placement status: 75% Students are recruited in Government Industrial and other:Educational Institutions.

Admission procedure:through CET, conducted by University.

Fee Structure : Fixed by the State Govt. from time to time.

Hostel Facilities : Available for Boys and Girls

Contact address of co-ordinator of the PG programme

Name:Prof. K. SRINATH

Address:Govt. S.K.S.J.T. Institute, K.R.Circle,


Telephone:(080) 22260126, Fax : (080) 22260126.


02]Date of Birth & Experience,20-07-1961,18 years
03]Qualification,Ph. D (Tech).
04]Designation - PRINCIPAL (I/c)
05]Subjects Handling,Spinning, Yarn Engineering, Advanced,Textile Testing, Silk Technology.
06]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended
08]Membership-Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India
09]Other Information’s
1) Served as Chairman BOE and BOS for

Faculty Textile Technology of VTU

2) Imparting Technical Guidance for Projects of DRDO

02A]Date of Birth & Experience,19-06-1953 ,21 years
03A]Qualification,M. Tech (Textile Technology).
04A]Designation,Assistant Professor
05A]Subjects Handling,Weaving, Fabric Structure and Design, Eco- friendly Processing of Textiles.
06A]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07A]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended.Attended
08A]Membership,Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India.
09A]Other Information’s
1) Member BOS(Textiles), VTU
2) Imparting Technical Guidance for Projects of KHDC
02B]Date of Birth & Experience,09-11-1955,21 years
03B]Qualification,M.Tech (Textile Technology)
04B]Designation,Assistant Professor
05B]Subjects Handling,Weaving, Technical Textiles, Eco- friendly,Processing of Textiles.
06B]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07B]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended-Attended.
08B]Membership-Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India.
09B]Other Information’s
1) Imparting Technical Guidance for Projects of KHDC
2) Coordinator, MODROB Scheme sanctioned by A.I.C.T.E.
01C]Name-Dr. S.SUGUMAR
02C]Date of Birth & Experience,11-04-1956,18 years
03C]Qualification-Ph. D (Tech).
04C]Designation,Assistant Professor
05C]Subjects Handling-Textile Chemistry, Industrial Management, Indian Constitution, Eco-friendly Processing of Textiles.
06C]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07C]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended-Attended.
08C]Membership-Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India
Other Information’s
1)Imparting Technical Guidance for Projects of KSCS
01D]Name-Sri K. SRINATH
02D]Date of Birth & Experience-11-05-1956,22 year
03D]Qualification-M.Tech(Textile Technology)
04D]Designation,Senior Lecturer
05D]Subjects Handling-Spinning, Textile Testing, Statistical Methods and their application, Yarn,Engineering.
06D]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07D]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended-Attended
08D]Membership-Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India
09D]Other Information’s
1) Guiding B.Tech and M.Tech Projects
02E]Date of Birth & Experience,09-05-1955,21 years
03E]Qualification-Ph. D (Tech).
04E]Designation,Senior Lecturer
05E]Subjects Handling-Textile Testing, Textile Physics, Man Made Fiber Technology. Fabric Engineering.
06E]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07E]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended-Attended
08E]Membership-Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India
09E]Other Information’s
1) Served as Chairman BOE(Textile) of VTU
2) Imparting Technical Guidance for Procurement of Samples for Govt.Departmens.
02F]Date of Birth & Experience,20-11-1965,12 years
03F]Qualification-M.Tech (Textile Technology)
05F]Subjects Handling-Textile Chemistry, CAD/CAM, Textile Fibres, Sericulture
07F]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended-Attended
08F]Membership-Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India
Other Information’s
1) Guiding B.Tech and M.Tech Project
01G]Name-Sri. H.R. ARUN KUMAR
02G]Date of Birth & Experience,30-06-1969,10 years
03G]Qualification,M.Tech (Textile Technology)
05G]Subjects Handling,Garment Technology, CAD/CAM
06G]Publications-Published Papers in National Journals.
07G]Seminars/Conferences/Summer and Winter Schools attended-Attended
08G]Membership,Life Member – I S T E and Textile Association of India
09G]Other Information’s
1) Imparting Technical Guidance for Projects of Govt.Agencies.
2) Guiding B.Tech & M.Tech Projects.

to be continued after meeting the Principal of the Institute.
Yet to receive a reply
16th July 2008.

Monday, March 10, 2008

M.Tech in Textile Technology ( Technical Textiles)

4-Semester M.Tech in Textile Technology (Technical Textiles), Affiliated to the University of Calcutta.
One in 1000 to have a "Technical Textiles" college in INDIA.
This blog's "Distinguished Salutes" .
t0 the " Institute of Jute Technology.

Qualification for Admission

Bachelor Degree in Jute and Fibre Technolgy or Textile Technology or equivalent.

Course syllabus.

To produce Technologists conversant with advances in Textiles and Technical Textiles for serving the Jute and Textile Industries producing Technical Textiles.

Commencing from 2005-2006. GATE Qualified and Sponsored Candidates preferred.

Details of 4 - semester syllabus not found.

Visit the link below to find that no College or University has a Exclusive course for Technical Textiles.Out of 1006 colleges or university's listed in INDIA,794 colleges or University's are not having a HOME PAGE.

Indian Colleges/Institutes/Universities
Copyright © 1995 - 1998 by Shubu Mukherjee & Avinash Sodani. All rights reserved.
This page was featured in DQ Week. Disclaimer: This is an unofficial list of Indian colleges, universities, and institutes. I update this page based solely on information people send me. Hence, information on this page may be incorrect.

Note: I neither create home pages for nor reply to inquiries about specific colleges. Don't waste your and my time by sending me email about these. Total number of colleges listed = 1019
Total number of colleges with home page = 212
1]A.V.C. College/Polytechnic, Tamil Nadu
2]A.V.V.M.Sri Pushpam College, Poondi, Tanjore [No Home Page]
3]ARDE, Pashan [No Home Page]
4]ARSD College, Dhaulan Kuan, New Delhi [No Home Page]
5]Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote,Karnataka [No Home Page]
6]Adhithanar College Of Arts & Science, Trichendur, TN [No Home Page]
7]Adi Chun Chenagiri Institute of Technology, Chikmagalur.Karnataka [No Home Page]
8]Advanced Computing Training School, New Delhi
9]Advanced Numerical Research & Analysis Group, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
10]Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore [No Home Page]
11]Aeronautical Development Establishment, Bangalore, Karnataka [No Home Page]
12]Agharkar Research Institute, Pune [No Home Page]
13]Agra University [No Home Page]
14]Agricultural college, Hisar Haryana [No Home Page]
15]Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad
16]Airforce Technical College, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
17]Ajay-Binay Inst. of Tech., Cuttack, Orissa [No Home Page]
18]Akkineni Nageswara Rao College, Gudivada [No Home Page]
19]Alagappa Chettiyar College of Engg. & Tech., Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu
20]Alagappa University, Kraikudi, TN [No Home Page]
21]Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
22]All India Council for Tech. Education, New Delhi [No Home Page]
23]All India Council for Technical Education, Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
24]All India Institute of Speech And Hearing Mysore,Karnataka,[No Home Page]
25]All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi
26]All-India Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, Calcutta [No Home Page]
27]American College, Madurai, TN [No Home Page]
28]American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
29]Amravati Univ., Maharashtra
30]Ananda Mohan College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
31]Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam [No Home Page]
32]Andhra University, College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam
33]Anjuman Engineering College (AEC), Bhatkal,Karnataka [No Home Page]
34]Anna University, CEG, Guindy, Chennai
35]Annamalai University
36]Armament Research & Development Establishment, Pune [No Home Page]
37]Armament research and Development Establishment, Pune [No Home Page]
38]Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
39]Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering, TN [No Home Page]
40]Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engg., Kanchipuram, TN [No Home Page]
41]Ashutosh College (Hazra), Calcutta [No Home Page]
42]Assumption College, Chanaganacherry [No Home Page]
43]Astra Research Centre, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
44]B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand [No Home Page]
45]B. C. M. College, Kottayam [No Home Page]
46]B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
47]B.J.B College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa [No Home Page]
48]B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
49]B.J.Medical College, Pune [No Home Page]
50]B.L.D.E.A.'s Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka [No Home Page]
51]B.M.S.College of Engineering, BangaloreKarnataka
52]B.S.N.V. Post-Graduate College, Lucknow [No Home Page]
53]B.T. College, Madanapalle, AP [No Home Page]
54]B.V.Bhoomraddi College of Engg. and Tech., Hubli, Karnataka [No Home Page]
55]BDT College of Engineering, Davangere, Karnataka [No Home Page]
56]BLDEA's College of Engg. & Technology, Bijapur, Karnataka [No Home Page]
57]BRABU, Muzzafarpur, Bihar [No Home Page]
58]Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad, Maharastra [No Home Page]
59]Balurghat College, Darjeeling, West Bengal [No Home Page]
60]Banaras Hindu University [No Home Page]
61]Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan [No Home Page]
62]Bangabasi College (Sealdah), Calcutta [No Home Page]
63]Bangalore Inst. of Tech., Univ. of Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
64]Bangalore University.Karnataka [No Home Page]
65]Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla, AP [No Home Page]
66]Bapuji Institute Of Engineering and Technology, Davangere.Karnataka [No Home Page]
67]Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engg., Sewagram, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
68]Baraktulla University, Bhopal [No Home Page]
69]Baroda Medical College (M.S. University), Baroda [No Home Page]
70]Basanti Debi college (Gariahat), Calcutta [No Home Page]
71]Basic Science College, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
72]Basirhat College, Basirhat, WB [No Home Page]
73]Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur, Punjab. [No Home Page]
74]Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal
75]Berhampur University, Berhampur [No Home Page]
76]Bethune College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
77]Bhabha Atomic Research Institute, Trombay [No Home Page]
78]Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur [No Home Page]
79]Bhagalpur Evening College, Bhagalpur [No Home Page]
80]Bhagalpur/Tilkamanjhi University, Bhagalpur [No Home Page]
81]Bharata Mata Colleg, Thrikkakara, Cochin [No Home Page]
82]Bharath Inst. of Science & Tech.
83]Bharathidasan University, Trichy
84]Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune
85]Bharatidasan Institute of Management, Trichy [No Home Page]
86]Bhavans College, Andheri, Mumbai [No Home Page]
87]Bhawanipur Education Society College,Calcutta [No Home Page]
88]Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, MP
89]Bhopal University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh [No Home Page]
90]Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswyavidyalaya, WB [No Home Page]
91]Bihar College Of Engineering, Patna [No Home Page]
92]Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri, Bihar [No Home Page]
93]Bio Informatics Centre, Anna University, Chennai [No Home Page]
94]Bio Informatics Centre, Pondicherry University, [No Home Page]
95]BioInformat, Tamil Veternary University, Chennai [No Home Page]
96]Bioinformatics Centre, M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara [No Home Page]
97]Bioinformatics Centre, Nat. Inst. of Oceanography,, Goa [No Home Page]
98]Bioinformatics Centre, Neeri, Nagpur [No Home Page]
99]Bioinformatics Centre, Pune [No Home Page]
100]Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi [No Home Page]
101]Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan Site in India.
102]Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Bihar
103]Birla Vishva Karma Engg. College, Gujarat (Sardar Patel Univ.) [No Home Page]
104]Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
105]Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, Kerala [No Home Page]
106]Bombay Institute Of Technology College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
107]Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
108]Bose Institute, Calcutta [No Home Page]
109]Brhamananda Keshab Chandra College (Barahanagar), Calcutta [No Home Page]
110]Bundelkhand Inst. of Engg. and Tech., Bundelkhand U., Jhansi [No Home Page]
111]Burdwan University, West Bengal [No Home Page]
112]C. M. S. College, Kottayam [No Home Page]
113]C.R.M. Jat College, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
114]Calcutta Medical College (CMC), College Street, Calcutta [No Home Page]
115]Calcutta University, West Bengal
116]Calicut University, Thenjipalam, Malappuram, Kerala [No Home Page]
117]Cardinal Gracias High School, Bandra, Mumbai [No Home Page]
118]Center for Enviornment Education, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
119]Center for Enviornment Planning And Technology, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
120]Center for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awarness, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
121]Center for Management in Agriculture, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
122]Center for Regional Management Studies, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
123]Center for Research Orientation and Documentation, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
124]Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow [No Home Page]
125]Central Electrochemical Research Institue, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu
126]Central Institute for Plastic Engineering Technology, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
127]Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai [No Home Page]
128]Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi [No Home Page]
129]Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Chennai [No Home Page]
130]Central Machine Tools Institute, Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
131]Central Scientific Instrumentation Organisation, Chandigarh [No Home Page]
132]Central University of Hyderabad
133]Centre For Learning Resources, Pune [No Home Page]
134]Centre for AI & Robotics, Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
135]Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore
136]Centre for Ageing Research, New Delhi [No Home Page]
137]Centre for Airborne System Studies & Analysis, BangaloreKarnataka[No Home Page]
138]Centre for Airborne Systems, Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
139]Centre for Biotech., Anna University, Chennai [No Home Page]
140]Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad
141]Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS,, New Delhi [No Home Page]
142]Centre for Compositional Characterization of Materials, Mumbai [No Home Page]
143]Centre for Dev. of Imaging Tech., Thiruvananthapuram [No Home Page]
144]Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, New Delhi [No Home Page]
145]Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune [No Home Page]
146]Centre for Development of Telematics, New Delhi [No Home Page]
147]Centre for Educational Management & Development, New Delhi [No Home Page]
148]Centre for Electronic Design & Tech., Aurangabad [No Home Page]
149]Centre for Electronic Design & Tech., REC,, Calicut [No Home Page]
150]Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
151]Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology, (CEPT), Ahmedabad
152]Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology, Pune [No Home Page]
153]Centre for Math Modelling and Simulation, Bangalore.Karnataka
154]Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Mumbai [No Home Page]
155]Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi [No Home Page]
156]Centre for Railway Information System, New Delhi [No Home Page]
157]Centre for Science Education & Communication, New Delhi [No Home Page]
158]Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi [No Home Page]
159]Centre for the Development of Telematics, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
160]Ch. Shahu Institute of Business Education and Reserch, Kolhapur [No Home Page]
161]Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
162]Chandrapur College of Engineering, Chandrapur [No Home Page]
163]Chottu Ram State College of Engineering, Murthal, Haryana [No Home Page]
164]Christ Church College, Kanpur [No Home Page]
165]Christian Medical College, Vellore
166]City College (Amherst Steet), Calcutta [No Home Page]
167]City Commerce College (College Square), Calcutta [No Home Page]
168]Cochin College, Mattanchery, Cochin [No Home Page]
169]Cochin University of Science and Tech., Cochin, Kerala
170]Coimbatore Institute of Technology(CIT), Coimbatore
171]Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore [No Home Page]
172]College of Agriculture Engineering, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
173]College of Animal science, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
174]College of Art, New Delhi [No Home Page]
175]College of Business Studies, University of Delhi [No Home Page]
176]College of Engg. & Tech., Bathinda
177]College of Engg. & Tech., Bhubaneswar, Orissa [No Home Page]
178]College of Engg., Amravati [No Home Page]
179]College of Engg., Badnera, , (Amravti) Maharashtra [No Home Page]
180]College of Engg., Paravaranagar, Loni [No Home Page]
181]College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai [No Home Page]
182]College of Engineering, Kopargaon
183]College of Engineering, Osmanabad [No Home Page]
184]College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad
185]College of Engineering, Trivandrum
186]College of Home Sceince, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
187]Combat Vehicles Research Development Estate, Chennai [No Home Page]
188]Commerce College,Jaipur [No Home Page]
189]Computer Solutions(Unit of the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Software Technology Park) [No Home Page]
190]Consumer Education & Research Centre, Ahmedabad
191]Crescent Engineering College
192]Cummins College Of Engg. For Women, Pune, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
193]D. G. Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai [No Home Page]
194]D.G. Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam, TN [No Home Page]
195]D.N. College, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
196]Dairy Science College, UAS, Bangalore.Karnataka
197]Daly College, Indore [No Home Page]
198]Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, Ahmedabad
199]Daulat Ram College for Women, University of Delhi [No Home Page]
200]Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Agra [No Home Page]
201]Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab [No Home Page]
202]Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
203]Deccan College of Engg. and Tech., Hyderabad, AP [No Home Page]
204]Defence Advisory Committee, New Delhi [No Home Page]
205]Defence Electronics Application Laboratory, Dehradun [No Home Page]
206]Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
207]Defence Institute of Fire Research, New Delhi, [No Home Page]
208]Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Science,, New Delhi [No Home Page]
209]Defence Labs, Jodhpur [No Home Page]
210]Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
211]Defence Recruitment Assessment Centre, [No Home Page]
212]Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
213]Defence Sci.Info. & Doc. Centre, New Delhi, New Delhi [No Home Page]
214]Delhi College of Art, Delhi [No Home Page]
215]Delhi College of Engineering
216]Delhi Institute of Technology
217]Delhi School of Economics [No Home Page]
218]Delhi University [No Home Page]
219]Desh Bandhu Gupta College, Kalkaji, New Delhi [No Home Page]
220]Development and Education Communication Unit, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
221]Devi Ahilya University, Indore, MP [No Home Page]
222]Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore [No Home Page]
223]Dharbhanga Medical College, Darbhanga, Bihar [No Home Page]
224]Dharmasinh Desai Institute Of Technology, Nadiad, Gujarat [No Home Page]
225]Dongarsee Gangee Ruparel College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
226]Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore.Karnataka
227]Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
228]Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Engg. and Tech., Kolhapur, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
229]Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Engineering, Pimpri, Pune [No Home Page]
230]Dr. G.R. Damodaran College of Science, Coimbatore [No Home Page]
231]Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh [No Home Page]
232]Dr. MGR Engineering College, Chennai [No Home Page]
233]Dum Dum Motijheel college, Calcutta [No Home Page]
234]Eklavya Educational Foundation, Ahmedabad
235]Electronic & Radar Development Establishment, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
236]Electronic Research & Development Centre, Thiruvananthapuram [No Home Page]
237]Electronic Test and Development Centre, Jaipur [No Home Page]
238]Electronic and Radar Development Establishment, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
239]Electronics Test and Design Centre, Guwahti [No Home Page]
240]Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad
241]Environment Planning & Coordination Organization, Bhopal [No Home Page]
242]Environment Protection Training & Research Inst., Hyderabad [No Home Page]
243]Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai [No Home Page]
244]Ewing Christian College, Allahabad [No Home Page]
245]F.C. College for Girls, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
246]Faculty of Magagement Studies, Indian Inst. of Rural Management, Jaipur
247]Faculty of Management Studies, U. of Delhi
248]Faculty of Technology and Engineering, M. S. University of Baroda, Baroda
249]Fatima College, Madurai. TN [No Home Page]
250]Fatima Mata National College, Quilon, Kerala [No Home Page]
251]Fergusson College, Pune [No Home Page]
252]Film Institute, Calcutta [No Home Page]
253]Film Institute, Pune [No Home Page]
254]Film and TV Institute of India, Pune [No Home Page]
255]Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi
256]Fr. C. Rodrigues College of Engg., Univ. of Bombay [No Home Page]
257]G.B. Pant U. of Agriculture. & Tech. (Pantnagar U.), Nainital [No Home Page]
258]G.H.Patel Post Gradute Inst. of Management, Gujarat [No Home Page]
259]G.S.K.S.J.T.I. Bangalore,Karnataka. [No Home Page]
260]G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur, UP [No Home Page]
261]G.T.N. Arts College, Dindigul [No Home Page]
262]G.V.N. College, Kovilpatti [No Home Page]
263]GITAM, College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam
264]Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior, MP
265]Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, MP [No Home Page]
266]Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad
267]Gandhi Vidyapith, Vedcchi, Gujarat [No Home Page]
268]Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed University) [No Home Page]
269]Gandhigram Rural University, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
270]Gas Turbine & Research Establishment, Bangalore [No Home Page]
271]Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope Project, (TIFR), Pune [No Home Page]
272]Goa Engineering College, Goa University, Goa [No Home Page]
273]Goa Institute of Management, Goa [No Home Page]
274]Goa Univ. Depat. of Computer Science & Tech.
275]Gobi Arts College, Gobichettipalayam, Tamilnadu [No Home Page]
276]Goenka College of Commerce and Business Admin., Calcutta [No Home Page]
277]Gogte Institute Of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka
278]Gokhale College (Sadananda Road), Calcutta [No Home Page]
279]Govenment College Kottayam, Kerala [No Home Page]
280]Goverment College, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
281]Government Arts College, Chennai, TN [No Home Page]
282]Government Central Textile Institute (GCTI), Kanpur, UP
283]Government College Of Engineering, Amravati [No Home Page]
284]Government College Of Engineering, Auranganad [No Home Page]
285]Government College Of Engineering, Karad [No Home Page]
286]Government College of Engg., Tirunelvelli [No Home Page]
287]Government College of Engineering, Pune
288]Government College of Engineering, Thirunelveli, TN [No Home Page]
289]Government College of Technology, Coimbatore
290]Government Engg. College, Bilaspur, MP [No Home Page]
291]Government Engineering College, Trichur, Kerala [No Home Page]
292]Government Engineering college, Kannur, Kerala [No Home Page]
293]Government Medical College, Nagpur [No Home Page]
294]Government Polytechnic, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
295]Government Raza Post Graduate College, Rampur, UP [No Home Page]
296]Government Science College, Jabalpur [No Home Page]
297]Governmentcollege of Engg., Salem
298]Govt College, Adampur Mandi, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
299]Govt College, Bhattu, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
300]Govt College, Nalva, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
301]Govt Engineering College, Jabalpur, MP [No Home Page]
302]Govt Polytechnique, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
303]Govt. B.D.T. College of Engineering, Davangere,Karnataka [No Home Page]
304]Govt. College, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
305]Govt. Engg. College, Raipur, MP
306]Govt. Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technological 307]Institute.Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
308]Gowtham Residential Junior College, Vijayawada, AP [No Home Page]
309]Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand Campus, Gujarat [No Home Page]
310]Gujarat Ayurvedic University, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
311]Gujarat Ayurvedic University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat [No Home Page]
312]Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
313]Gujarat Colllege, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
314]Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
315]Gujarat Industrial Developmental Research Center, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
316]Gujarat Institute of Chemical Technology, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
317]Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
318]Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, Gujarat [No Home Page]
319]Gulbarga University, Gulbarga,Karnataka [No Home Page]
320Guntur Medical College, Guntur [No Home Page]
321]Guru Jambheswar Technological University, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
322]Guru Nanak College of Science, Ballarpur, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
323]Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar, Karnataka
324]Guru Nanak Dev University
325]Guru Nanak Engineering College, Ludhiana
326]Gurucharan College, Silchar, Assam [No Home Page]
327]Gurudas College, Beleghata [No Home Page]
328]Gurukul Kangari Vishwavidyalay, Hardwar [No Home Page]
329]H. R. College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai [No Home Page]
330]H.A. Arts and Science College, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
331]H.A. College of Arts, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
332]H.L. College of Commerce, Ahemedabad [No Home Page]
333]H.L. Commerce College, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
334]Hamdard University, New Delhi [No Home Page]
335]Hansraj College, Delhi [No Home Page]
336]Harcourt Butler Technlogical Institute (HBTI), Kanpur
337]Harold Laski Institute of Political Science, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
338]Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar
339]Hazra Law College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
340]Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar [No Home Page]
341]Heromba Chandra College (Golpark), Calcutta [No Home Page]
342]Himachal Pradesh University, Simla [No Home Page]
343]Hindu College, University Campus, Delhi [No Home Page]
344]Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai
345]Hisar Engineering College, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
346]Hislop College, Nagpur [No Home Page]
347]Holy Cross College, Trichy [No Home Page]
348]ISRO Telemetry Tracking & Command Network 349](ISTRAC),BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
350]Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
351]Indian Assoc. for Cultivation of Science, Calcutta [No Home Page]
352]Indian Computer Academy, Bangalore (ICA)Karnataka
353]Indian Inst. of Foreign Trade, New Delhi [No Home Page]
354]Indian Institue of Management, Ahmedabad
355]Indian Institute of Astrophysics, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
356]Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad
357]Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Mumbai [No Home Page]
358]Indian Institute of Health Management, Jaipur [No Home Page]
359]Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)
360]Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB)Karnataka
361]Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC)
362]Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML) [No Home Page]
363]Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi [No Home Page]
364]Indian Institute of Plasma Research, Ahemdabad
365]Indian Institute of Public Finance, Delhi [No Home Page]
366]Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun [No Home Page]
367]Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore Site in IISC.Karnataka
368]Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) Site in IITD.
369]Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IITG) [No Home Page]
370]Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) Site in IITK
371]Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IITKGP) Site in IITKGP.
372]Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) Site in IITM
373]Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IITB) Site in IITB.
374]Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune [No Home Page]
375]Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre, New Delhi [No Home Page]
376]Indian Plasma Research Institute
377]Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad
378]Indian Society of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Ahmedabad
379]Indian Space Research Organization Telemetry, Tracking and Command.
380]Network, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
381]Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
382]Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
383]Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi [No Home Page]
384]Indianoil Institute of Petroleum Management, Gurgaon [No Home Page]
385]Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam [No Home Page]
386]Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai,
387]Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang, Talcher [No Home Page]
388]Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi [No Home Page]
389]Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi [No Home Page]
390]Indira Gandhi Open University, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
391]Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi
392]Indo-German Tool Room, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
393]Indo-Swiss Training Centre, Central Scientfic Instruments Org., Chandigarh [No Home Page]
394]Information and Library Network, Ahmedabad
395]Inst. of Chartered Accountants of India
396]Inst. of Hotel Management, Catering Tech. & Applied Nutrition, Bangalore [No Home Page]
397]Institute For The Physically Handicapped, New Delhi [No Home Page]
398]Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis, New Delhi [No Home Page]
399]Institute for Geodecy, Colaba, Mumbai [No Home Page]
400]Institute for Integraged Learning in Management, New Delhi [No Home Page]
401]Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar [No Home Page]
402]Institute for Social Sciences, Calcutta [No Home Page]
403]Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi [No Home Page]
404]Institute for System Studies & Analysis, DRDO, New Delhi [No Home Page]
405]Institute of Armament Tech., Pune [No Home Page]
406]Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi [No Home Page]
407]Institute of Engg. and Tech., Lucknow [No Home Page]
408]Institute of Environmental Design (IED), Gujarat [No Home Page]
409]Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
410]Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad [No Home Page]
411]Institute of Management Technology. Ghaziabad. UP [No Home Page]
412]Institute of Mathematical Sciences
413]Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh [No Home Page]
414]Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, Orissa [No Home Page]
415]Institute of Reservoir Studies, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
416]Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
417]Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), Gujarat
418]Institute of Science, Mumbai [No Home Page]
419]Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi [No Home Page]
420]Institute of Technology, Benaras Hindu University
421]Instrument Research & Design Establishment, [No Home Page]
422]Inter Univ. Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Pune [No Home Page]
423]Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune
424]International Inst. of Professional Studies, Indore [No Home Page]
425]International Management Institute, New Delhi [No Home Page]
426]Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow [No Home Page]
427]Islamiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore University, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
428]J & J College of Science, Nadiad, Gujarat [No Home Page]
429]J. D. Birla Institute of Home Science, Calcutta [No Home Page]
430]J.C. College of Engineering, Guntur, AP [No Home Page]
431]J.J.M. Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka [No Home Page]
432]J.J.M. stands for Jagathguru Jayadava Murugurajendra,Karnataka. [No Home Page]
433]J.K. College of Nursing, Coimbatore [No Home Page]
434]J.K. College of Physiotherapy, Coimbatore [No Home Page]
435]J.K.Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, Allahabad
436]J.N. Institute for Development Banking, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
437]J.N. Post-Graduate College, Lucknow [No Home Page]
438]JNV University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan [No Home Page]
439]JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty, TN [No Home Page]
440]Jadavpur University, Calcutta
441]Jagadguru Murugharajendra Mallikarjuna Inst. of Tech., Karnataka [No Home Page]
442]Jai Hind College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
443]Jalpaiguri Govt. Engg. College, Jalpaiguri, WB [No Home Page]
444]Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
445]Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi [No Home Page]
446]Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai [No Home Page]
447]Jat College, Jind, Haryana [No Home Page]
448]Jat College, Rohtak, Haryana [No Home Page]
449]Jawaharla Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyaylaya [No Home Page]
450]Jawaharlal Inst. of PG Medical Ed. and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry
451]Jawaharlal Nehru Engg. College (JNEC), Aurangabad [No Home Page]
452]Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh, U.P. [No Home Page]
453]Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ College of Engg, Anantapur, AP [No Home Page]
454]Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univ College of Engg, Kakinada, AP [No Home Page]
455]Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderbad, AP
456]Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi
457]Jesus and Mary College, Delhi [No Home Page]
458]Jiva Institute Vidya Academy, Faridabad [No Home Page]
459]Jiwaji University, Gwalior, MP [No Home Page]
460]Jog maya College (Hazra), Calcutta [No Home Page]
461]Jubilee Boys College, Lucknow [No Home Page]
462]K. J. Somiya College of Engineering, Mumbai [No Home Page]
463]K. T. Reddy Women's College, Gudivada [No Home Page]
464]K.E.S. College of Engineering, Pen [No Home Page]
465]K.I.T.'s College of Engineering, Kolhapur [No Home Page]
466]K.K.T.M. College, Kodungallur, Trichur, Kerala [No Home Page]
467]K.L.E College of Engineering and Technology, Belgaum,Karnataka [No Home Page]
468]K.S.R.M. College of Engineering,Cuddapah, AP [No Home Page]
469]Kadamb Center for Dance and Music, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
470]Kakathiya University, Warangal, Andra Pradesh [No Home Page]
471]Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
472]Kakatiya Medical College (KMC), Warangal, Andhra Pradesh [No Home Page]
473]Kala Kshetram (Centre for Performing Arts), Chennai [No Home Page]
474]Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, UP [No Home Page]
475]Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Inst. of Arch. & Environmental Studies, Mumbai [No Home Page]
476]Kanhaiyalal School of Business Management, Gujarat [No Home Page]
477]Kanoria Center for Arts, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
478]Kanpur University, Kanpur, [No Home Page]
479]Karnatak University, DharwadKarnataka [No Home Page]
480]Karnataka Regional Engineering College, SurathkalKarnataka
481]Karunya Inst. of Tech., Coimbatore
482]Karunya Institute of Technology
483]Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka [No Home Page]
484]Kavikulguru Inst. of Tech. and Science (KITS), Nagpur University.
485]Kerala Agricultural University, Trichur, Kerala [No Home Page]
486]Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi [No Home Page]
487]Kerala Sahitya Shastra Parishad, Kerala [No Home Page]
488]Kerala University, Karyavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala [No Home Page]
489]Kerala Varma College, Trichur, Kerala [No Home Page]
490]Khallikote College, Berhampure, Orissa [No Home Page]
491]Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana, Punjab [No Home Page]
492]Khalsa College, U of Bombay, King's Circle, Mumbai [No Home Page]
493]Khalsa College, U of Delhi, Delhi [No Home Page]
494]Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai [No Home Page]
495]King Georg's Medical College, Lucknow, UP [No Home Page]
496]Kirti M. Doongursee College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
497]Kohima Univ., Nagaland [No Home Page]
498]Kolhapur Institute of Technology, Kolhapur [No Home Page]
499]Koneru Lakshmaiah College OF Engineering (KLCE), Vijayawada
500]Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamil Nadu
501]Konkan Education Society's Engineering College, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
502]Kota Open University, Kota, [No Home Page]
503]Kottayam Medical Coll., Gandhi Univ., Kerala [No Home Page]
504]Kumaraguru College Of Tech. (KCT), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
505]Kurikose Elias College, Mannanam [No Home Page]
506]Kurukshetra University, Haryana [No Home Page]
507]Kuvempu University, Shimoga , Karnataka [No Home Page]
508]L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
509]L.D. Engineering College, Ahmedabad
510]La Martiniere College, Calcutta
511]La Martiniere College, Lucknow [No Home Page]
512]Lady Brabourne College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
513]Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi [No Home Page]
514]Lady Keane College, Shillong, Meghalaya [No Home Page]
515]Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi [No Home Page]
516]Lalbhai Dalpathbhai Institute of Indology, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
517]Lalbhai Dalpathbhai Tribal Research Institute, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
518]Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi [No Home Page]
519]Lalit Naraya Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar [No Home Page]
520]Lawrence School, Sanawar
521]Laxminarayan Inst. of Tech. (LIT), Nagpur, Maharastra [No Home Page]
522]Loreto College (Park Street), Calcutta [No Home Page]
523]Loretto College [No Home Page]
524]Loretto Convent, Shillong, Meghalaya [No Home Page]
525]Loyala Center for Research and Development, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
526]Loyola College, Chennai
527]Lucknow Christian College [No Home Page]
528]Lucknow University [No Home Page]
529]M.B.M Engineering college, Jodhpur, Rajasthan [No Home Page]
530]M.G.R. College, Hosur, TN [No Home Page]
531]M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan [No Home Page]
532]M.R. Mahavidyalaya - Bhurkura, Ghazipur, U.P. [No Home Page]
533]M.S. College of Science, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
534]M.S.R. Institute of Technology, Bangalore.Karnataka
535]MAITRI - Indian Antartica Station,Antarctica [No Home Page]
536]MES College, Bangalore [No Home Page]
537]MMK College of Commerce, Bandra, Mumbai [No Home Page]
538]Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, Gorakhpur
539]Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior [No Home Page]
540]Madhav Vighan Mahavidhlaya, Vikram University, Ujjain [No Home Page]
541]Madras Christian College, Chennai [No Home Page]
542]Madras Inst. of Tech., Chennai [No Home Page]
543]Madras Medical College, Chennai [No Home Page]
544]Madura College, Madurai [No Home Page]
545]Madurai Kamaraj Univ. College, Madurai [No Home Page]
546]Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai [No Home Page]
547]Madurai Medical College, Madurai [No Home Page]
548]Madurai University [No Home Page]
549]Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar, 824234 [No Home Page]
550]Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, GulbargaKarmataka [No Home Page]
551]Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujrat
552]Maharaja University College, Cochin, Kerala [No Home Page]
553]Maharani's College, MysoreKarnataka [No Home Page]
554]Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies, Mumbai [No Home Page]
555]Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, Maharashtra
556]Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya, MP [No Home Page]
557]Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana [No Home Page]
558]Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore, MP [No Home Page]
559]Mahatma Gandhi Missions College of Engg., New Bombay
560]Mahatma Gandhi Univ, Kerala [No Home Page]
561]Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala [No Home Page]
562]Malabar university, Kannur, Kerala [No Home Page]
563]Malnad College Of Engg., Hassan, Mysore Univ,Karnataka [No Home Page]
564]Malviya Regional Engineering College, Jaipur [No Home Page]
565]Mangalore University, Mangalore, Karnataka [No Home Page]
566]Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka
567]Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur [No Home Page]
568]Manoharbhai Patel Inst. of Engg. & Tech. (MIET), Maharashtra [No Home Page]
569]Mar Athenatious College of Engg., Kothamangalam, Kerala [No Home Page]
570]Mar Baseleous College Kottayam, Kerala [No Home Page]
571]Mar Ivanios College Trivandrum, Kerala [No Home Page]
572]Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
573]Marine Engineering College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
574]Marthoma College for Women, Preumbavoor, Karala [No Home Page]
575]Marthoma College, Tiruvalla [No Home Page]
576]Mata Sundri College, Delhi [No Home Page]
577]Maturi Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College, Saidabad, Hyderabad
578]Maulana Azad College of Technology (REC), Bhopal
579]Maulana Azad College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
580]Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi [No Home Page]
581]Mayo College, Ajmer
582]Medical College, Agroha, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
583]Medical College, Rohtak, Haryana [No Home Page]
584]Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai, TN [No Home Page]
585]Meerut University, Meerut, UP [No Home Page]
586]Mehta Research Foundation, Allahabad [No Home Page]
587]Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
588]Military College of EME, Secunderabad [No Home Page]
589]Miranda House, University of Delhi [No Home Page]
590]Mithibai College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
591]Model Engineering College, Cochin, Kerala
592]Mohamed Sathak Engg. College, Kilakarai, TN [No Home Page]
593]Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan [No Home Page]
594]Mookambigai College of Engg., Kalamavur, TN
595]Mother Teresa Women's University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
596]Moti Lal Nehru College, New Delhi [No Home Page]
597]Motilal Nehru Regional Engg. College (MNREC), Allahabad
598]Mount Carmel College, BangaloreKarnataka
599]Mrs. A. V. N. College. Visakhapatnam [No Home Page]
600]Mudra Institute of Communication and Advertising [No Home Page]
601]Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
602]Muffakham Jah College of Engg. & Tech, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
603]Mulund College of Commerce, Mumbai [No Home Page]
604]Muthurangam Govt Arts College, Vellore-2, TN [No Home Page]
605]Muzaffarpur Inst. of Tech., Bihar [No Home Page]
606]Mysore University, Mysore, Karnataka [No Home Page]
607]N.B.K.R. Inst. of Science and Tech., Nellore, AP [No Home Page]
608]N.L.V.R.G.S.R.V Junior College, Nimmakur, Andhra Pradesh
609]N.M.A.M Inst. of Tech., Nitte, Karnataka [No Home Page]
610]N.S.S. College of Engineering, Palghat, Kerala [No Home Page]
611]NITTE.M.A.M. Institute of Technology, MangloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
612]NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Nagpur
613]NMKRV College For Women, Bangalore.Karnataka [No Home Page]
614]NSS College of Engineering, Palghat, Kerala
615]Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, AP [No Home Page]
616]Nagpur University, Nagpur [No Home Page]
617]Nair Service Society College, Changanacherry, Kerala [No Home Page]
618]Narsee Monjee Inst. of Management Studies, Mumbai
619]Nat. Infor. Centre for Crystallography, Chennai [No Home Page]
620]National Aids Research Institute, Pune [No Home Page]
621]National Centre for Cell Sciences [No Home Page]
622]National Centre for Compositional Chararterization of Materials, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
623]National Centre for Medium Range Weather Foreacast, New Delhi [No Home Page]
624]National Centre for Software Technology, Mumbai
625]National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai [No Home Page]
626]National Centre of Films for Children and Young People, New Delhi [No Home Page]
627]National College, Bangalore.Karnataka
628]National College, Sirsa, Haryana [No Home Page]
629]National College, Trichy [No Home Page]
630]National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi [No Home Page]
631]National Council of Educational Res. & Training, New Delhi [No Home Page]
632]National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI)
633]National Defence Academy, Poona [No Home Page]
634]National Defence College, New Delhi [No Home Page]
635]National Documentation Centre on Mass Communication, New Delhi [No Home Page]
636]National Engineering College, Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
637]National Enviornment Engg. Research Institute, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
638]National Environment Engg. Research Institute, Nagpur [No Home Page]
639]National Facility for Animal Tissue & Cell Structure, Pune [No Home Page]
640]National Film Archives, Poona [No Home Page]
641]National Informatics Center of Gujarat, Ahmedabad
642]National Informatics Centre, New Delhi [No Home Page]
643]National Information Center on Management, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
644]National Information Centre for Crystallography, Chennai [No Home Page]
645]National Information Centre on Advanced Ceramics, Calcutta [No Home Page]
646]National Inst. for Training in Industrial Engg. (NITIE), Mumbai [No Home Page]
647]National Inst. for the Orthopaedically Handicapped, Calcutta [No Home Page]
648]National Inst. of Rehab. Training And Research, Cuttack, Orissa [No Home Page]
649]National Institute for Financial Management, New Delhi [No Home Page]
650]National Institute of Bank Management, Pune [No Home Page]
651]National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
652]National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.Karnataka
653]National Institute of Fashion Technology, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
654]National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi [No Home Page]
655]National Institute of Information Technology, Chennai [No Home Page]
656]National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
657]National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
658]National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai
659]National Institute of Oceanography, Goa [No Home Page]
660]National Institute of Rock Mechanics, Kolar,Karnataka [No Home Page]
661]National Institute of Sales, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
662]National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi [No Home Page]
663]National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
664]National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi [No Home Page]
665]National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
666]Naval Chemical & Metallurgical Laboratory, Mumbai [No Home Page]
667]Nehru Foundation for Development, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
668]Nehru Memorial Library, New Delhi [No Home Page]
669]Nehru Memorial college, Puthanampatti, Trichy, TN [No Home Page]
670]Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune [No Home Page]
671]Netaji Nagar College (Tollygunge), Calcutta [No Home Page]
672]Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, Phaltan, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
673]Nirma Institute of Sales, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
674]Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu [No Home Page]
675]Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, Kerala [No Home Page]
676]Nizam College, Hyderabad
677]North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya [No Home Page]
678]North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Nirjuli
679]Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune [No Home Page]
680]Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
681]Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi [No Home Page]
682]Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar [No Home Page]
683]Osmania University, College of Engineering
684]Osmania University, College of Technology
685]Osmania University, Hyderabad
686]P. C. Jabin Science College, Hubli,Karnataka [No Home Page]
687]P.B.Siddhartha College of Arts and Sciences, Vijayawada, AP [No Home Page]
688]P.E.S. College of Engineering, University of Mysore, Mandya,Karnataka
689]P.E.S.Institute of Technology, Bangalore.Karnataka
690]P.S.N.A Coll. of Engg. & Tech., Dindigul, TN [No Home Page]
691]PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore [No Home Page]
692]PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
693]PSG Inst. of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore, TN [No Home Page]
694]Panjab University, Chandigarh
695]Patna University [No Home Page]
696]Patna Women's College [No Home Page]
697]Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
698]Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC)
699]Pondicherry University
700]Post Graduate Centre, Nandihalli, Sandur,Karnataka [No Home Page]
701]Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh [No Home Page]
702]Presidency College, Calcutta
703]Press Institute of India, New Delhi [No Home Page]
704]Priyadarshini College of Computer Sciences, Noida [No Home Page]
705]Pune Institute of Computer Technology, U. of Pune, Maharashtra
706]Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab
707]Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
708]Punjabi University at Patiala, Punjab [No Home Page]
709]Punjabrao Agricultural University, Akola, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
710]Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, UP [No Home Page]
711]Quaderia Science, Arts & Commerce College, Burhanpur [No Home Page]
712]R. K. Mission Residential (Narendrapur) College, Calcutta
713]R.A. Podar College of Commerce And Economics, Matunga,Mumbai [No Home Page]
714]R.A. Podar College of Commerce, Matunga, Mumbai [No Home Page]
715]R.D. National College, Bandra, Mumbai [No Home Page]
716]R.G.Kar Medical College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
717]R.V.R. College of Engg., Guntur, AP
718]R.V.S. College of Engg. and Tech., Dindigul, TN
719]Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta, West Bengal [No Home Page]
720]Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi [No Home Page]
721]Radio Astronomy Centre, Ooty [No Home Page]
722]Railway Degree College, Hyderabad, AP [No Home Page]
723]Rajandra Agricultural Univ., Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar [No Home Page]
724]Rajasthan Vidayapeeth, Udaipur, Rajasthan [No Home Page]
725]Rajdhani College, Raja Garden, New Delhi [No Home Page]
726]Ram Lal Anand College, New Delhi [No Home Page]
727]Ram Mohan College (Amherst Street), Calcutta [No Home Page]
728]Ramadevi Womens' College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa [No Home Page]
729]Raman Research Institute, BangaloreKarnataka [No Home Page]
730]Ramjas College, University Campus, Delhi [No Home Page]
731]Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai [No Home Page]
732]Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
733]Ramrao Adik Institute of Engineering, New Bombay
734]Ranchi University, Ranchi, Bihar [No Home Page]
735]Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering, Bangalore,Karnataka
736]Rashtriya Sanskrit Viyapeeth, Tirupati, AP [No Home Page]
737]Ravenshaw College, Cuttack [No Home Page]
738]Ravi Mehta Center for Educational Innovation, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
739]Ravishankar University, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh [No Home Page]
740]Regional College of Education(NCERT), Bhubaneswar, Orissa [No Home Page]
741]Regional Engg. College, Silchar, Assam [No Home Page]
742]Regional Engineering College, Calicut, Kerala
743]Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, West Bengal
744]Regional Engineering College, Hamirpur
745]Regional Engineering College, Jalandhar
746]Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra, Haryana [No Home Page]
747]Regional Engineering College, Nagpur
748]Regional Engineering College, Rourkela
749]Regional Engineering College, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir [No Home Page]
750]Regional Engineering College, Surat, Gujarat
751]Regional Engineering College, Suratkal,Karnataka
752]Regional Engineering College, Trichy
753]Regional Engineering College, Warangal
754]Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur
755]Research & Development Engineers, Pune [No Home Page]
756]Research & Development Establishment, Pune [No Home Page]
757]Research Centre, Imarat, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
758]Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy, Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
759]S. D. College, Alleppey [No Home Page]
760]S. N. Bose Institute, Salt Lake, Calcutta [No Home Page]
761]S. Nijalingappa College, Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
762]S. V. Regional College of Engineering, Surat, Gujarat [No Home Page]
763]S.D.M College of Engg & Tech, Dharwar,Karnataka [No Home Page]
764]S.D.M.S.Mahilakalasala, Vijayawada [No Home Page]
765]S.D.S.College of Arts and Applied Science, Shreeramnagar, AP [No Home Page]
766]S.G.S. Intitute of Technology and Science, Indore University, MP [No Home Page]
767]S.I.E.S. College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
768]S.K.B.R. College, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh [No Home Page]
769]S.K.B.R.College, Amalapuram, AP [No Home Page]
770]S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Calcutta [No Home Page]
771]S.N.R. Sons College, Coimbatore [No Home Page]
772]S.P. Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai [No Home Page]
773]S.R. Government College for Women, Amritsar, Punjab [No Home Page]
774]S.R.K.R.Engineering College, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh
775]S.R.M College of Engineering, Chennai
776]S.T.J. Institute of Technology, Ranebennur,Karnataka [No Home Page]
777]SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack [No Home Page]
778]SMS Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur [No Home Page]
779]SNDT University for Women, Mumbai [No Home Page]
780]SST College of Engineering & Technology, Jalgaon, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
781]Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Ernakulam, Kerala [No Home Page]
782]Saha Institute, Calcutta
783]Sai University
784]Sambalpur University, Sambalpur, Orissa [No Home Page]
785]Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi, UP [No Home Page]
786]Samrat Ashok Institute of Tech., Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh [No Home Page]
787]Sangeet Natak Academy (National Academy of Music, Dance & Drama), New Delhi [No Home Page]
788]Sangeet Research Academy, Calcutta [No Home Page]
789]Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Medical Centre, Lucknow [No Home Page]
790]Sanskrit College (College Street), Calcutta [No Home Page]
791]Santilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat [No Home Page]
792]Saptagiri Junior College, Vijayawada, AP [No Home Page]
793]Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai, University of Bombay
794]Sardar Patel Institute of Economics & Social Research, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
795]Sardar Patel Univ., Gujarat [No Home Page]
796]Satavahana College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh [No Home Page]
797]Sathyabama Engineering College
798]Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai [No Home Page]
799]Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat [No Home Page]
800]School of Architecture, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
801]School of Biotech., Indore [No Home Page]
802]School of Biotechnology, Indore [No Home Page]
803]School of Building Science and Technology, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
804]School of Interior Design, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
805]School of Management, Pondicherry [No Home Page]
806]School of Planning and Architecture
807]School of Planning, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
808]Scientific Analysis Group, DRDO, New Delhi [No Home Page]
809]Scot Christian College, Nagercoil [No Home Page]
810]Scottish Church College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
811]Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy College, Trichy [No Home Page]
812]Seshasayee Institute of Technology, Trichy, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
813]Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai
814]Seva Sadan Arts, Commerce & Law College, Burhanpur [No Home Page]
815]Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engg. College (SAKEC), U. of Bombay
816]Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi [No Home Page]
817]Shanmugha College of Engineering, Tanjore
818]Shastri Indo Canadian Institute, New Delhi [No Home Page]
819]Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi [No Home Page]
820]Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
821]Shivnath Sastri College, Golpark, Calcutta [No Home Page]
822]Shri Chinai College of Commerce and Economics, Andheri, Mumbai [No Home Page]
823]Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Coll. of Engg. and Tech., Nanded, Maharashtra
824]Shri Jagannath Sanskrit Vishvavidy, Puri, Orissa [No Home Page]
825]Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapith, New Delhi [No Home Page]
826]Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University [No Home Page]
827]Shri Sant Gajanan College Of Engg., Shegaon [No Home Page]
828]Shri Shikshayatan College (Lord Sina Road), Calcutta [No Home Page]
829]Shri Vivekanand Arts and Commerce College, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
830]Shyam Lal College, Delhi [No Home Page]
831]Shyam Shah Medical College, Rewa, MP [No Home Page]
832]Shyama Prasad College (Hazra), Calcutta [No Home Page]
833]Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur,Karnataka [No Home Page]
834]Siddhartha College of Education [No Home Page]
835]Siddhartha College of Law [No Home Page]
836]Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences [No Home Page]
837]Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada [No Home Page]
838]Sir C.R.R. College of Engg., Eluru [No Home Page]
839]Sir J.J College of Art and Architecture [No Home Page]
840]Sir M. Visveswaraya Inst. of Tech., Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
841]Sir Syed College, Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala
842]Sir Theagaraya College, Chennai [No Home Page]
843]Smt. Bhagyalakshmamma Ratttehalli Ramappa Mahajana First Grade College, Mysore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
844]Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College, Sangli, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
845]Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Manali [No Home Page]
846]Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment, Manali [No Home Page]
847]Society for Research and Initiative for Sustainable Technologies [No Home Page]
848]Software Technology Park, Ahmedabad(Gandhinagar) [No Home Page]
849]Solid State Physics Laboratory, New Delhi [No Home Page]
850]Solid State Physics Laboratory, New Delhi [No Home Page]
851]Sophia College, Mumbai [No Home Page]
852]Sophia Girls College, Ajmer [No Home Page]
853]South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat [No Home Page]
854]Space Application Center, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
855]Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
856]Sports College, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
857]Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum [No Home Page]
858]Sree Kerala Varma College, Trichur [No Home Page]
859]Sree Narayana College, Kannur [No Home Page]
860]Sree Venkatramana Swamy College, Bantwal, Mangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
861]Sreyas Foundation, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
862]Sri Devajar Urs Medical College, Tumkur,Karnataka [No Home Page]
863]Sri Govindarajaswamy Arts and Science College, AP [No Home Page]
864]Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore,Karnataka
865]Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh [No Home Page]
866]Sri Krishna Govt Ayurvedic Medical College, Kurukshetra, Haryana [No Home Page]
867]Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, AP [No Home Page]
868]Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati, AP [No Home Page]
869]Sri Padmavati Women's College, Tirupati, AP [No Home Page]
870]Sri Ram College for Commerce, University Campus, Delhi [No Home Page]
871]Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi [No Home Page]
872]Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Inst., Chennai [No Home Page]
873]Sri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engg. College
874]Sri Satya Sai Inst. of Higher Learning, Bangalore, Karnataka [No Home Page]
875]Sri Satya Sai Inst. of Higher Learning, Puttaparti, AP [No Home Page]
876]Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering, Tanjore, TN [No Home Page]
877]Sri Siddhartha Inst. of Tech. (SSIT), Tumkur,Karnataka [No Home Page]
878]Sri Venkateswara College of Engg., Chennai
879]Sri Venkateswara Hindu Coll. of Engg., Machilipatnam
880]Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati [No Home Page]
881]Sri Venkateswara Medical College, Tirupati [No Home Page]
882]Sri Venkateswara Univ. College of Engg., Tirupathi
883]Sri Venkateswara University Arts and Science College, AP [No Home Page]
884]Sri Venkateswara University College of Engg., Tirupati [No Home Page]
885]Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP [No Home Page]
886]St Berchman's College Changanacherry, Kerala [No Home Page]
887]St John's Medical College, Bangalore,Karnataka.
888]St Thomas College Pala [No Home Page]
889]St. Agnes College, Manglore,Karnataka, [No Home Page]
890]St. Agnes Girls College,Manglore,Karnataka,[No Home Page]
891]St. Aloysius College, Mangalore,Karnataka.[No Home Page]
892]St. Anthony's College, Shillong, Meghalaya [No Home Page]
893]St. Berchman's College, Changanacherry, Kerala [No Home Page]
894]St. Edmund's College, Shillong, Meghalaya [No Home Page]
895]St. Francis de Sales College, Nagpur [No Home Page]
896]St. Joseph's College, Alappuzha [No Home Page]
897]St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.Karnataka
898]St. Joseph's College,Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
899]St. Josephs College of Arts and Science, Bangalore,Karnataka.[No Home Page]
900]St. Mary's College, Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad Dist Kerala [No Home Page]
901]St. Stephens College, Delhi
902]St. Theresa's College, Changanacherry [No Home Page]
903]St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry [No Home Page]
904]St. Thomas College, Trichur, Kerala [No Home Page]
905]St. Xavier's College, Calcutta
906]St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
907]St. Xavier's College, Ranchi [No Home Page]
908]St. Xavier's College, Tirunelveli [No Home Page]
909]St. Xaviers College, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
910]St. Xaviers Technical Institute, Mumbai [No Home Page]
911]St.Aloysius College, Trichur, Kerala [No Home Page]
912]St.Teresas College, Ernakulam, Kerala [No Home Page]
913]St.Thomas College, Ranni, Kerala [No Home Page]
914]Stanley Medical College, Chennai
915]Stella Maris College, Chennai [No Home Page]
916]Stella Maris College, Chennai [No Home Page]
917]Subramanian Polytechnic, TN [No Home Page]
918]Surendranath College, Calcutta [No Home Page]
919]Sydenham Inst. of Management Studies Research & Entrepreneurial Education [No Home Page]
920]Sydenham Institute of Management
921]Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune [No Home Page]
922]T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal [No Home Page]
923]T.V.B School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi [No Home Page]
924]TIFR Centre, IISC Campus, Bangalore [No Home Page]
925]TKM College Of Engineering, Kollam
926]Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai
927]Tamilnadu Agricultural University
928]Tamilnadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu [No Home Page]
929]Tanjore Medical College, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu
930]Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi [No Home Page]
931]Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Bangalore,Karnataka.[No Home Page]
932]Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai
933]Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai [No Home Page]
934]Tata Research, Design & Development Centre, Pune [No Home Page]
935]Tatyasaheb Kore Inst. of Engg. and Tech., Warananagar, Kolhapur
936]Teachers Training Institute, Chandigarh [No Home Page]
937]Technological Inst. of Textiles and Science (TIT&S), Bhiwani [No Home Page]
938]Telco Research Centre, Pune [No Home Page]
939]Telugu University, [No Home Page]
940]Terna Engineering College, New Bombay [No Home Page]
941]Testing Organization for Research in Chemical and Health Hazards, Ahemdabad
942]Textile College, Bangalore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
943]Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (T.S.E.C), U. of Bombay, Mumbai
944]Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
945]The Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
945]The Indian Engineering College, Tirunelveli, TN [No Home Page]
947]The Inst. of Railway Signal & Telecom Engr., Mumbai [No Home Page]
948The Yoga Institute, Mumbai
949]Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai [No Home Page]
950]Thiagaraja School of Management, Madurai [No Home Page]
951]Tranquebar Bishop Manickam Lutheran College, Porayar, TN [No Home Page]
952]U. of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore,Karnataka
953]UNNATI Educational Institution, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
954]Unics College of Engg., Calicut, Kerala [No Home Page]
955]Union Christian College, Aluva, Kerala [No Home Page]
956]Union Christian College, Barapani, Shillong, Meghalaya [No Home Page]
957]Univ. College of Medical Sciences & G. T. B. Hospital, Delhi [No Home Page]
958]Univ. Teaching Department, Jabalpur [No Home Page]
959]University College For Women, Hyderabad [No Home Page]
960]University College of Engineering, Burla, Orissa [No Home Page]
961]University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi University [No Home Page]
962]University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT) Mumbai
963]University Vishveswariah College of Engineering, BangaloreKarnataka
964]University of Allahabad, Allahabad [No Home Page]
965]University of Bombay, Mumbai [No Home Page]
966]University of California, New Delhi [No Home Page]
977]University of Delhi [No Home Page]
978]University of Gorakhpur, UP [No Home Page]
979]University of Kalyani, Kalyani, WB [No Home Page]
980]University of Kerala, Trivandrum [No Home Page]
981]University of Madras, Chennai [No Home Page]
982]University of Mysore, Mysore,Karnataka
983]University of Pune, Pune [No Home Page]
984]University of Rajasthan,Jaipur [No Home Page]
985]University of Roorkee, Roorkee, UP
986]Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Trichirapalli, TN [No Home Page]
987]Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneshwar
988]V.L.B.Janakiammal College of Engg.,Coimbatore,TN [No Home Page]
989]Vaishnav College, Chennai [No Home Page]
990]Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Calcutta [No Home Page]
991]Vasavi College of Engg., Hyderabad
992]Veechar Vishalla Enviornmental Center, Ahmedabad [No Home Page]
993]Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engg. Coll., Vijayawada
994]Vellore Engineering College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
995]Venkataeshwara College, Dhaulan Kuan, New Delhi [No Home Page]
996]Vetirinary college, Hisar, Haryana [No Home Page]
997]Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, U. of Bombay, Maharashtra
998]Victoria college (Raja Bazar), Calcutta [No Home Page]
999]Vidyavarthaka College of Commerce and BBM, Mysore,Karnataka [No Home Page]
1000]Vijayanagar Engg. College, Bellary, Karnataka [No Home Page]
1001]Vinayaka Mission's Kirupananda Variyar Engg. College, Salem [No Home Page]
1002]Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune [No Home Page]
1003]Vispanna Center, Ahmedabad:Vispanna Center Information [No Home Page]
1004]Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur
1005]Viswabharati Vidya Niketan, Gudivada [No Home Page]
1006]Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology, Mumbai
1007]Vivekananda college (Behala), Calcutta [No Home Page]
1008]Vysya College, Salem, Tamilnadu [No Home Page]
1009]Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, Maharashtra.
1010]Walchand Inst. of Tech., Solapur, Maharashtra
1011]Watumull Inst. of Electronic Engg. & Computer Tech., Mumbai, Maharashtra [No Home Page]
1012]Wilson College, Chowpatty, Mumbai [No Home Page]
1013]Women's Christian College (Kalighat), Calcutta [No Home Page]
1014]Women's Christian College, Chennai [No Home Page]
1015]Women's College, Aligarh, UP [No Home Page]
1016]Women's University College, Trivandrum, Kerala [No Home Page]
1017]Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur
1018]Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engg., Nagpur [No Home Page]
1019]Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi, New Delhi [No Home Page]
Few Colleges are having no Home Page as on 1998 state wise.

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