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[ Technical Textiles - Ignored in 60's by our Textile Industry - Filter Fabrics.]

Hi Tech Filter Fabric Weaving Machine.

Established in 1946, Tessitura Fratelli Fontana has always been specialized in the production of technical fabrics for the filtration business.

At the beginning of the Fifties, a new plant was build'ed due to an enlargement of the range of cloths and the need of making different finishing. In a few years, old machinery were replaced by technologically advanced machines. This gave our Company the possibility to look with more interest to new markets.

In the Nineties, market needs and the constant growth brought our Company to enlarge and renew the plants. Our complete production cycle (twisting, weaving, finishing and making-up) enables us to provide a prompt solution to our customers’ requests – creating new cloths with finishing more and more aimed to a constant quality.

Our lab checks yarns and cloths to grant a constant after-sale service, in a spirit of co-operation and exchange of information - which allows us to improve the filtrating media.

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Few of the Big Filter Fabric Manufacturers in INDIA.

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What happens if a Govt Manufacturing organization needs Filter Fabrics,it calls for quotations and buys from private manufacturers after detailed negotiations as to how the price can be reduced and quality compromised or something like that with out looking in to any other factors except their self interest.

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India is most suited climatically with other favorable factors but The National Textile Corporation managed by Govt of India has over 50 Textiles Mills but not one Unit is running on Filter Fabrics with State of the Art Technology machinery with natural and man made fibers.

View this Enterprise of India.

Few Types of Filter Fabrics & other items.

1 - These filter fabrics are available in cotton, polyester , polypropylene , nylon spun and multi filament material.Available in different width, gsm and micron basically used for filtration of edible oil and chemicals.

2 - Conveyor belting required for food industries over last 15 years. We supply to all major food industries in India. We provide belting in cotton and pvc coated cotton for various sections of biscuit manufacturing plant. We have developed variety of belting based on individual requirements of all users.

3 - Manufactured in wide range of non woven fabric with different finishing treatment like oil and water repellent fabric , antistatic fabric, silicon treated fabric etc width from 1mtr to 2.1 mtr and weight from 400-600 grams per sq mtr, filtration rate from 1 micron to 200 micron widely used in liquid filtration, air filtration and dust collection.

4 - Wide range of sparkler filter pad, available in different micron rate and size, widely used in Pharma Industry and Chemical Industry.

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