Thursday, March 20, 2008

[ M.Tech ( Technical Textiles).Syllabus.FINAL SEMESTER - I ]

Any university websites that I searched had no full and complete detailed syllabus in this course.
A beginning has to be made by some textile technocrat which may perhaps undergo minor or major changes suggested here for the four semester course in M Tech.(Technical Textiles).
The infrastructure required for the final semester:
1}Each student must have similar laptop of a most reputed manufacturer.
2}The maximum number of students shall not exceed sixty.
3}All students shall have internet connectivity to their laptops.
4}Nothing other than the course content will be stored in the laptops.
5}The laptops and all books and files will be in fixed class rooms locked.
6}Every student shall have his own table kept locked.
7}There will be security guard to this room who will lock and open as needed.
8}Any student known to the security guard can open the class room.
9}The security guard will check that the student works only on his table.
This class room will be a 24 X 7 type working system.(This is the infradtucture)
The Technical Textile mill must have a pilot plant for innovative research which may not be possible in the main mills due to various reasons.
A video Conferencing facility would help students and the faculty.
Dress code essential.

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