Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Have we been taught these subjects.

1 ] Fibers of all types,conventional,high strength and high modulus organic fibers,high chemical-and - combustion-resistance organic fibers,high performance inorganic fibers,ultra fine and novelty fibers.

2 ] Technical Yarns.

3 ] Technical Textile fabric structures and process from fiber to fabric of all types woven,Non woven,Knitted in natural and man made fibers.

4 ] The machineries that are used.

5 ] There applications from apparel to aerospace and space.

6 ] Spinning of all types of fibers and the modern high tech technology used.

7 ] Weaving of all types of yarn on high speed modern looms and Preparatory to weaving.

8 ] Processing of all types of fabric in high sped processing machines.

9 ] Knitting on high speed knitting machines.
to be continued...

A single "Hand Book on Technical Textiles" gives the all aspects on Non Wovens.

The cover page picture of such book is shown above.

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