Monday, January 26, 2009

[ 60th Happy Republic Day.]

The meaning of Republic.
1)A country in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.
2)A country in which the head of the government is an elected or nominated president,and not a monarch.
In India we vote for a party's candidate who is a person chosen by a party and there are several party's and several candidates which may even include criminals also.Our options are and may never get the right candidate elected
We have to vote and we vote and the result ******.
What does our vote do.?
Those elected go to Lok Sabha = 543 persons.
By a method unknown to me 233 persons are elected to Rajya Shaba.
The total number of these 4896 persons we have voted again Vote.
The Value of these M L A's vote is
State population of these MLS's divided by 1000 multiplied by number of their state MLA's
The there is Rajya Sabha MP's
Each MP's Vote =
Total value of all MLA's divided by Total Members of Parliment
Which is = to Value of ONE M P's VOTE.
With this calulas equation we get One President powerless (a rubber stamp)
One Prime Minister all powerful.
Governers of his choice for all states.
As many Ministers as he wants besides a host of bearucrats of his choice.
Where did my vote go.?
The votes get converted by a formula as "CABINET COM MITE" a deadly weapon of the Dictator who uses the word as the weapon the "CABINET CAMMITE" to do what he wants.

How does all this happen,it is as per our constitution.
This is the " Document " of our country.
The creation of a constitutional body was the outcome of the 1945 Cabinet Mission that aimed to discuss and finalise plans for the transfer of power from the British Raj to Indian Leadership,providing India with Independence under Dominion Status.
*Members of the constituent assembly were chosen by Indirect election by members of the Provincial Legislative Assembles,according to the scheme recommended by the Cabinet Mission.
*With India's Independence,the constituent assembly became a fully sovereign body and fell to work on 9 December 1947
*The draft Constitution was published in January 1948,the general discussion began.Between November 15,1948 and October 17,1949,the draft was thoroughly discussed clause by clause
*As many as 7,635 amendments were proposed and 2,473 were actually discussed over two years,11 months and 17 days taken to frame the constitution,114 days were spent on its consideration alone
*The constitution was adopted on November26,1949 and signed by Dr.Rajendra Prasad as Chairman of the constituent assembly, It came in to force on
January 26,1950
*On this day,the constituent assembly ceased to exist,transforming itself into the Provinsional Parliment of India until a new Parliment was constituted in 1952.
To day that is the year 2009 we are a Country of VOTERS plus something.

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