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A World of Expertise in Technical Textiles.

Colbond is part of the Technical Textiles division of Low & Bonar PLC, an international group manufacturing and supplying a wide range of High Performance Specialist Materials.

Within Colbond there is a world of technical expertise. The combination of innovative product development and manufacturing expertise in extrusion, spinning, fleecing, and molding of various synthetic materials enables us to develop unique products for our broad customer base.

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Colbond bv, P.O. Box 9600, 6800 TC Arnhem, the Netherlands
Colbond Inc. P.O. Box 1057, Enka, North Carolina 28728, USA,

Harry Verbakel, phone: +31 26 366 2274
Randy Cook, USA, T: +1 828 665 5000

For immediate release:


Arnhem, the Netherlands (February 10, 2011) Colbond today announced a price increase of at least 5% for its Colback nonwovens. The adjustment is due to the ongoing sharp rise of raw materials, energy and transportation costs and will be made with immediate effect. The company is informing its customers worldwide on a regional basis accordingly.

Since 2009 weve been faced with significant raw material cost increases which we managed to absorb until the announcement of price increases in November of last year said Harry Verbakel, Director Sales & Marketing. Since then there have been further double-digit raw material price hikes across the board with as much as a 20% price increase for polyester, one of the core ingredients for Colback. We therefore are forced to increase our Colback prices on such a short notice.

Due to the high volatility in the raw material markets, the company will review price levels on a monthly basis and intends to apply a variable surcharge if raw material costs continue to rise even further.

Conferences & Tradeshows.

USA, Dallas, TX  March 13-16, 2011  Geo-Frontiers 2011  
Germany, Wiesbaden  March 22-24, 2011  Filtech  
France, Tours          March 22-24, 2011  Rencontres Géosynthétiques  
China, Shanghai  March 22-24, 2011  Domotex Chinafloor  
France, Paris          March 29-31, 2011  JEC Composites Show  
USA, New Orleans  May 12-14, 2011  AIA  
Germany, Frankfurt  May 24-26, 2011  Techtextil 2011  
Turkey, Istanbul  April 27 - May 1, 2011  Turkeybuild

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of high-performance specialty materials in all the markets we serve. Colbond’s global approach focuses on supplying customers with value-added products and top quality services.

Our company aims to achieve the added value objective by linking technical, market and business developments in a highly coordinated way. The customer plays a key role in this context. Colbond strives for innovation, continuous improvement of existing technologies and the highest standards of commercial and technical service.

Our Vision and Philosophy are reflected in our Cultural Goals:

* To provide value-added solutions for our customers whom we see as our long-term partners.
* Focus on growth by expanding our range of products, geographic markets and additional services.
* Consistently delivering our financial results to guarantee the funds necessary for future investments.
* Continual development of our employees through education, training and health programs.

Products & Markets.

Colbonds nonwovens, three-dimensional polymeric mats, composites, and geosynthetics are used worldwide for demanding applications in our core markets: Flooring, Automotive, Construction, Civil Engineering, and Building & Industry.

For these markets, Colbond manufactures:
High-performance primary backings for tufted carpet tiles and broadloom carpet

Colback®: North America, Rest of the World

Primary and secondary backings for molded car carpets and option mats. Colbond nonwovens are also widely used as reinforcement and carrier substrates in hood liners, trunk liners, door panels, package trays and car seats or as support media for cabin air filters

Colback®: Worldwide

Nonwovens as reinforcement for waterproof bituminous roofing membranes, single plies, underslatings and for crack repair

Colback®: Worldwide

Civil Engineering
Geosynthetics for erosion control, drainage, soil reinforcement & stabilization and soil consolidation

Enkadrain®, Enkamat®, Enkagrid®, Colbonddrain®

North America
Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria
Rest of the World

Building & Industry
Three-dimensional monofilament mats and composites for metal roof ventilation, subsurface drainage for green roofs, hard floor sound control, and many other applications within the building industry

Enka®-Vent, Enkaroof® VM, Enkasonic®

North America, Rest of the World

A wide range of three-dimensional monofilament mats for Composites (flow media and spacers for PUR molding and resin infusion processes), Cooling Towers (sound control mats) or Sports Fields (turf protection and shock pads) and a variety of applications in other sectors.

Enka®-Spacer, Enka®-Channel, Enka®-Fusion®, Enkamat®Plus, Enkaflex®

North America, Rest of the World.

Research & Development.

We are committed to setting the benchmark for products and services in our markets. To do so we keep abreast of customer demands and market conditions. And to create products that meet and exceed our customers’ needs, we put innovation at the heart of everything we do.

Colbond maintains a Development & Application Centre in Arnhem (NL) and a Development Laboratory at Asheville (NC, USA) to initiate and carry out development projects. These facilities are the company’s keys to the launch of each new product.
Our R&D team applies its experience and expertise to the improvement of our current processes and products. Extensive research ensures that we have a full understanding of our customers’ needs.

Our laboratories are well equipped to conduct research, testing, and new product development.


Colbond aims to be a leader in its core markets and strives for top performance. Without the high-quality, motivation, and teamwork of each of our employees we would not be able to achieve our operational and strategic goals. The continual motivation of our workforce and the development of our employees are the key to the short and long term success of our company.

Colbond alone employs 580 people worldwide. More than 2,000 people work within the Low & Bonar group.

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Internships/ Graduate Assignments.

We ascribe high value to our relationship with Institutes and Universities and see the mutual benefit of internships and graduate assignments. Colbond regularly offers traineeships to Bachelor and Master students.

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