Thursday, August 4, 2011

[ Technical Textiles - Letter from - International Newsletters Ltd.]

Dear S K Ganapathi Rao

Just a quick reminder that the pre-publication offer for our major new report World Markets for Technical Textiles to 2017 ends in just one month's time, on 31 August, so if you have not yet ordered please do so as soon as possible to make sure of your saving. (If you have already ordered the report, thank you for your order and please ignore this reminder).

The report is a complete update of our best-selling report World Markets for Technical Textiles to 2012 and is the ONLY comprehensive survey of the international technical textiles industry written since the recent financial crisis. It will provide you with a comprehensive set of projections to the year 2017. The report will help you to identify future business opportunities in the changing market for technical textiles. It will give you detailed and reliable information in a single volume, saving you and your company time and money.

Forecasts to 2017 – The report forecasts the future growth of global markets for technical textiles to 2017. It provides information on downstream demand and on technological factors that are likely to influence demand for fibres and raw materials.

Full coverage – The report describes the technical aspects of technical textiles including the fibres used in the manufacture of technical textiles, manufacturing processes and technological change. It also discusses the current competitive issues and recent environmental and legislative developments.

Detailed tables – The report includes detailed tables giving you properties and suitability of different types of technical textile, labour costs, forecasts of global consumption and production of technical textiles up to 2017.

Report conclusions – The report gives conclusions and discusses future prospects for the global production of technical textiles. It forecasts where the major global areas of growth and decline will be. It predicts the likely opportunities for fibre producers, product manufacturers and machinery manufacturers. It also forecasts the demands facing the industry in the developed economies.

Author – The report has been researched and written by the internationally renowned organization, the European Man-Made Fibres Association (CIRFS). International Newsletters is grateful to CIRFS for allowing us to publish this high-quality market research.

Pre-publication Special Offer!
Order now and save up to 96 Euros/ $119!
*Orders must be received by 31 August 2011 to qualify

Contents (provisional)
Chapter 1: Executive summary
Chapter 2: Definitions and product categories
Chapter 3: Fibres used in the manufacture of technical textiles
Chapter 4: Manufacturing processes
Chapter 5: Technological change
Chapter 6: Competitive issues
Chapter 7: Environmental and legislative issues
Chapter 8: Europe: production, trade and consumption of technical textiles
Chapter 9: The Americas: production, trade and consumption of technical textiles
Chapter 10: China: production, trade and consumption of technical textiles
Chapter 11: Other Asian countries: production, trade and consumption of technical textiles
Chapter 12: Russia: production, trade and consumption of technical textiles
Chapter 13: Conclusions and future prospects

How to order

The report will be published in September 2011 and is available in electronic format or hardcopy. It can be ordered online here or click here to download a special offer pre-publication order form.

I am sure you will find the report extremely valuable for identifying opportunities for growth in the technical textiles market. Please reply to this email if you need more information.

Best regards,

Guy Kitteringham
Marketing Director
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