Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[ Technical Textiles - alvanon The Apparel Fit Experts.]

We all wear Ready Made Dresses but we do not know how they figure out our sizes so that it fits us right or we do some minor changes and use them till it is fit to go to salvation army bins kept though not in India but in USA where I have seen them in apartment complexes.

alvanon is a big company that uses for its products technical textile products to manufacture the Ready Made Garment users basic specification of sizes by the use of such products as shown in the figure above.

The picture above is used for standard size of shoulder,breast and waist.

Many such models are used for different age group in different places in many parts of the world after a deep study of actual sizes of men,'s,boys and girls actual sizes taken by their research group.This research expertise is back bone for alvanon production in CHINA the only place where the labor is cheap,disciplined and work with some in born skill.

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