Monday, June 29, 2009

[ Gokarna - My 2nd Visit.]

Our beaches are full of garbage thrown by tourists near our beaches.I had a gimplse of this at Gokarna a tourist and a pilgrimage center as old as 2000 years.We can place Dust Bins near this beach so that tourists and pilgrims do not throw the water bottles near the beach by also placing fish nets to collect this where they accumulate in a particular spot.The Tasildhar head of this holy place was missing when I visited the place to tell him and ask him to come with me to see the filth near a beauty spot which mesmerizes the tourists.When inquired I was told he never bother's to even visit the temple once a week.The roads are another ugly patch not tared even after several years.The Chief Minister has handed over the temple administration to some Mutt and a dispute is pending in the court.How can such a place go neglected by our tourist department.It is a pity.The pictures shown needs your help.

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