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Öztek Textile Printing and dyeing was established in the year 1995 

and is presently processing 5.000.000 meters/month in weaving,
knitting dyeing, printing, finishing, coating and laminating of textiles.
The year 2001 marked the important decision of Oztek Inc to launch a
full R&D and production program in the area of “Technical Textiles”
with the mission of producing textiles for the protection and well-being
of civil and military end-users worldwide.
Please find the below Öztek Textile Military Textile Systems:
1. Multispectral Camouflage Nets: Visual, Night Vision (NIR) ,
Thermal (TIR) and Radar (up to 100 GHz) protection by
2D Multispectral Camouflage Nets-MSCN 2. CBRN Suits &
Collective Protective Systems: Chemical Biological and Radionuclear
protective suits and collective protection tents
3. Corrosion Protection Fabrics: Prevent corrosion
4. Ballistic Fabrics: Ballistic protective vest, helmet ,
shield fabrics and vests
5. Extreme Cold Weather Fabrics: Between -40 C- +50 C
windproof, water proof and highly breathable multi layer fabrics.
6. Future Soldier FS 2014: Protection form Visual, Night Vision (NIR) ,
Thermal (TIR) detection systems and water proof ,
wind proof and highly breathable Future Soldier Suit fabrics.
7. EMI Shielding Fabrics: Blockin electromagnetic waves
( especially for portable jammer users) Parachute fabrics:
Personnel and equipment parachute fabrics.
8. Ghillie Suit: Görsel, , Night Vision (NIR) ,
Thermal (TIR) detection protection, waterproof,
flame retardant, anti mosquito snipper suits
9. Flight Suit: Non flammable pilot coveral fabrics , Anti-G Suits
10. Firefighter Suit: EN 469 certified Firefighter Suit Fabrics
11. Tactical Vest &Rucksack Fabrics: Tactical vest
and rucksack fabrics ( Night vision protection can be added as request)
12. Combat Uniforms:Night Vision , antibacterial, water reppelent,
sweat absorbent and high tear &tensile strength combat unifrom fabrics.
13. DSTR System: Detachable, snapfit tactical vest and rucksack system
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Established only 20 years ago, Öztek Tekstil Printing and Dyeing Industries (Hall 1, Stand A112) has grown into a formidable enterprise offering the latest in protective and technical fabrics for a wide range of applications. The company is exhibiting here at SOFEX as part of Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.
Öztek Tekstil now processes five million metres of fabric every month, which variously involves weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, coating and laminating. Recognising the importance of technical textiles, Öztek Tekstil established a full R&D capability and production facility in 2001. Technical textiles refer to fabrics that are coated, dyed or specially manufactured for the protection and well-being of military and civil users.
Its military textile range includes multispectral camouflage nets; suits and protective systems against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats; corrosion protection fabrics, ballistic protection; and extreme cold-weather fabrics. It also manufactures anti-bacterial, mosquito-proof and parachute fabrics.
Öztek Tekstil was the first Turkish company to print infrared-free fabrics, of which a million metres have been exported to Germany.

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