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Smart Fabrics - Global Strategic Business Report 2017

The global market for Smart Fabrics is projected
to reach US$3.8 billion by 2022, driven by
breakthrough advancements in the field
of flexible, printed and stretchable electronics,
development of electronic fibers, yarns and
conductive inks for textile printing
and growing consumer demand for smart
performance apparel for sports and fitness.
The integration of science and advanced
technology into fabrics has led to the emergence
of a new range of clothing
and textiles, termed smart fabrics. Also referred
to as smart clothing, intelligent clothing smart
textiles and e-textiles, smart fabrics are embedded
with digital and electronic components such as
actuators, sensors, microcontrollers, and data
processes that can read and respond, thus
allowing the fabric to sense and react to
environmental conditions and external stimuli
coming from thermal, mechanical, chemical,
magnetic or electrical sources. Unlike traditional
fabrics,smart fabrics impart added functional
value, such as the ability to communicate,
transform, conduct energy, emit light, cool,
heat, and change shape.
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Though a fairly new concept, smart textiles is
nevertheless garnering increased interest given
the technology's role in enhancing
wearer's experience by providing innovative
features and functions that can boost the
garment's overall performance.
The recent years have witnessed strong
growth in the market coming from the successful
development and commercialization of
interactive apparel features and properties
such as ballistic resistance, electrical conductivity
and climate control. All of these
properties are encouraging the use of smart textiles
in end-use markets such as military, consumer,
industrial, electronics, home health monitoring,
entertainment and fashion. Focus on smart fabrics
also mirrors the textile industry's move towards
offering exclusive products targeting dedicated
activities such as running, skiing, extreme sports
and golf.The market will be driven by the
trend towards miniaturization of electronics and
the rapidly evolvingwearable electronics industry,
escalating demand for smart gadgets like wristbands
and smartwatches, and growth of low-cost smart
wireless sensor networks.The increasing ease
by which electronic components can be integrated
into fabrics and growing awareness about the
utility of these fabrics and their expanding applications
 especially in areas such as thermos-electricity, energy
harvesting, and sensing will also foster growth in the
market. Radical developments in material science
and fiber technologies including nanofibers, conductive
pressure-sensing fabrics and other hybrid fabrics are
expected to spur the market's growth in the coming
years. Sustained investments in R&D to develop
novel smart fabrics will provide new directions for future
growth.As stated by the new market research report on
Smart Fabrics, the United States represents the largest
market worldwide.Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing
market with a CAGR of 15.2% over the analysis period, led
by factors such as growingbase of affluent middle class
population, digitalizing lifestyles and consumer
affinity towards innovative electronic technologies,
increasing levels of per capita spending on innovative
and disruptive technologies by businesses, industries
and consumers, and
growing R&D spending as a percentage of GDP
and the ensuing availability of funds for researching
advanced materials, and functional fibers and fabrics.
Major players covered in the report include AiQ Smart
Clothing Inc., Clothing Plus Ltd., E. I. Du Pont De Nemours
and Company,
EXO2, Intelligent Clothing Ltd.,
Interactive Wear AG, International Fashion Machines Inc.,
Marktek Inc., Milliken & Company,
Noble Biomaterials Inc., Outlast Technologies LLC,
Schoeller Textiles AG, Sensoria Inc., Smartex s.r.l,
Textronics Inc., and
Toray Industries Inc., among others.
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