Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This department will have Weaving Machinery to produce fabrics for technical textiles and few Weaving Machines producing such fabrics as:

[1]Terry Towels.

[2]All types of Blended Fabrics for Suiting and Shirting.

[3]Dobby Looms required for Suitings.

[4]Wide width looms for manufacture of very wide fabrics.

[5]Jacquard Machines for weaving furnishing,with label attachments and tailor-made Jacquard harnesses.Carpet Weaving systems for Rugs and Wall to wall Carpets for residential uses contract and transportation end uses.

[6]Weaving preparation systems for the above with automatic drawing-in for warp and style changes with increase flexibility and productivity in the Weaving department.

[7]High speed Sizing Machines with auto size mixtures for the above required Weaving machines.

Single yarn Sizing Machines for Sample looms if required.

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