Monday, February 25, 2008


Features of Knitting Machine

Unique design to let concentric circle on same point forever which leads the main gears runs in a parallel roundness. It can make the knitting machine much more durable.
The driving gears are immersed in the German lubrication oil to lowest the friction
The cylinder can be micro-adjusted by 3 sets handler-system which is convenient for knitters
Pre-Pressed system of main cylinder which enhance the stability when fabric knitted
Features of TY-Actuator-System°G

The unique Piezo-Electric-Actuator & Software Pattern System is durable and stable when jacquard knitting
The moduralization of Actuator system is convenient for knitters. As it can be disposable for the new replacement
The Software Pattern System in knitting machine is so friendly to learn easily
3-way technik of needle actuator is equiped on Computerized Single (Double) Jersey Jacquard
2-way technik of needle actuator is equiped on Computerized Terry Jacquard
Standard Equipments for Knitting Machine

Magnetic Yarn Feeder System for Knitting Machine (Taiwan made)
Oil System
360 degree Radar Cleaning System
Internal Fluff Blower of needle area A.C Motor with Inverter Controller for Knitting Machine
3 sets handlers for manual inching of cylinder
Needle Fault Detector for Knitting Machine
Memminger Creel & Tube 120 section fabric winder & take up system
Auto Safe Gate System
Knitting Machine Spare parts, etc.
Available Knitting Machine Options

Memminger P-5 /† Uniwave
Lycra Yarn Feeder System for Knitting Machine
High Legs Fabric Winder System
Different kinds of Fabric Winders Fabric Scaner System
we need a machine of such make or a superior machine in a Technical textile Mill


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