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Textile Humidifier Enhanced.


JS Humidifiers has recently developed its leading textile humidifier, the JetSpray, to include many new features. The JetSpray compressed air and water humidifier now has a remote user interface, an increased capacity from 300 to 600 litres per hour, multiple humidity sensor inputs for larger areas and improved hygiene technology.

The JetSpray has been proved to increase production efficiency in the textile industry by up to 30% by maintaining the atmosphere in processing facilities at the correct relative humidity. This not only eliminates static build-up during manufacturing, but improves regain, maintains product weight and elasticity, and helps prevent yarn breakage.

The humidification system was initially launched by JS Humidifiers over 25 years ago and has been humidifying industry around the world ever since. The humidifier consists of a control panel that feeds compressed air and water to rows of nozzles that produce sprays with droplets just 7.5�m in size. These sprays are extremely fine and rapidly evaporate raising the humidity to the required level.

The new easy-to-use remote interface makes controlling the output of the system much easier. It can be positioned up to 100m away from the control panel and shows current ambient humidity/temperature as well as the desired humidity set-point. On/off timers can be set at the push of a button and a diagnostic system gives indication of service requirements and operational errors.

The JetSpray can now provide up to 600 litres of water per hour to an atmosphere from a single control panel, which is enough to humidify an area of around 100,000m3. Multiple control panels can be used to humidify areas larger than this.

Hygienic operation of the JetSpray is guaranteed with the use of new automatic flush cycles, eliminating the possibility of water stagnating in the system. These cycles can be adjusted depending on use to ensure water consumption is kept to a minimum. Also a PureFlo Ag+ silver ion dosing system, incorporating a new self-regulating antibacterial material, is now attached to the in-coming water supply. This prevents microbial build-up in the water and has a strong residual effect throughout the pipework.

The JetSpray can run on mains, demineralised or softened water and has the lowest air consumption of any air/water spray humidifier. It is very easy to install and new commissioning software on the remote interface makes it simple to set up.

SOURCE: JS Humidifiers.

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