Saturday, May 2, 2009

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The recession and the textile industry
This is a guest post for Mr.S K G Rao
through an
IndiForum activity where blogger can
guest blog on other blogs.
The recession seems to have hit the
Textile Industry quite hard.
There has been a
huge talk about lay offs in
the past few
months mainly in India and China.
However, when I really
think about it
the news is not as scary
as the newspapers say.

Let me explain.

Especially in India,
the textile industry
is the second largest
job provider next
to Agriculture.
If you see it that way
you know that the
largest industries are
the ones that will show
a lot more suffering
and lost due to the mass.
However, clothing is a
basic and essential
part of every human
being’s life these days.
It is not exactly like
the dark ages you know.
And recession or no
recession people will always
buy basic necessities
like food, clothing,
medicines, etc.
So why doest’t the clothing
industry pick up?
You see, it is also
important to know that,
during tough economic
conditions such as
being portrayed right
now it is also
necessary to find
ways to produce at
lesser costs and hence
ultimately reduce
the burden on the consumers.
This has to
be a continuous process
right from
picking the cotton
to the middle men
to the manufacturers
to the retails.
There are quite a
few examples on the
Internet and from
entrepreneurs around
you who can tell how
they got to be
bigger than what
they started with during
tough times. Because
they would have
found ways to
innovate and help through
the tough times by easing
the burden
on the consumers.
I am sure
there are entrepreneurs
around you who have
already thought
of ways to do so.
I do hope so.
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