Thursday, May 28, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Calling New Textile & Home Ministers,Govt of India.]

A Governament of India Project in " Technical Textiles " for our Defense Forces.

Military Textiles:- Military uniforms face a complex set of challenges. They must provide protection, durability and comfort in a wide range of hostile environments.Research on how military clothing can best meet soldiers' need is Urgent.
Already we have research done in many areas like,damage resistance, comfort, sweat management, cold-weather conditions and the integration of high-tech materials into uniforms.Also included are such as high-performance ballistic fibres, textiles for chemical and biological protection, camouflage materials and military fabrics for flame protection.The use of non-woven fabrics and new coatings for military applications.
With researching and manufacturing military textiles, as well as in the wider area of textiles for protection,India needs a Technical Textile College and Research Institute integrated with a Complex of Technical Textile Mill.
The Minister of Textiles must immediately hand over the newly planned Textile Mill " FINLAY MILLS " at Achalpur,Maharastra to the highly reputed textile research association:-
and the Home minister should arrange with DRDO and the Textile Minister with NTC the needs of the Defense Ministry for Military Textiles for all their needs in Technical Textiles to be jointly taken by DRDO & BTRA in setting up the New FINLAY MILLS under construction and develop this also,in to a International Technical Textile College and Research Institute.Since we have none at present and perhaps no plan in near future.This project will be a feather in the caps of both the ministers who are born in the Textile State of South India.

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